Monday, January 10, 2022

Hello, Monday!


Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend? I thought I'd share about mine, even though it wasn't anything exciting, and I thought I'd share about what's on my agenda for today. 

Most of you know that my sweet 90 year old Dad comes and spends every Friday with me. If you're new here, I'll tell you that this got started years ago when the boys were all young. He would get off early on Fridays and he would come here and take us to lunch. Then when he started working for himself, he took off on Fridays and we would go somewhere fun each week, then to lunch. This has changed over the years as he retired, or as the boys got older got older. He no longer drives now, so my stepmom brings him here each week, then I take him home. We rarely go anywhere these days, so I try to make us something delicious and healthy for him ("healthy"= not too salty), then we just sit and visit over the rest of the afternoon. We talk about everything under the sun! EVERYTHING. I feel so thankful to have always been very close with both of my parents. I see Mom just as often as I do Dad.

Here we are at a jazz concert this past December. We had so much fun that night! Check out the cornbread we had with our taco soup on Friday. 

It was so good! Dad loves cornbread, especially my cornbread. 

This is my favorite way to kick off every weekend. Sandy had to come and pick him back up because I am without a car right now, since I'm sharing mine with Drew. That night I stayed home and had chicken pot pie for dinner. Drew came over for a few things and he had dinner as well, then he left again and I watched The Holiday on Netflix. Drew ended up calling me during the movie and I think we talked on the phone for half an hour. I love this! He is never that chatty, so when he wants to talk, I listen. Graham, Jonah and Noah all went somewhere as well, then Graham came back home and did the same thing. He sat down here with me the rest of the night and we talked, then I finally finished my movie with him in here with me. I went to bed pretty early, as usual. 

I snuck this rare photo of Graham, but he caught me and was laughing as I took this. Every year when I look for a picture of him for his birthday, I can never find one! He is good at hiding from my phone's camera, but I love this one...also he's such a nice guy and so handsome. He loves his puppy, and I just think he'd be the greatest catch for someone. I know all of that is in God's timing and he doesn't want that as much as I want that for him. He was so close with his ex-girlfriend...I think that's why I hate his singleness for him, but as long as he is happy, I'm happy. He's content and not even actively looking for someone right now, even if a lot of his friends are getting married. (I think this about all of my sons, by the way...not necessarily the meeting someone part for the younger two, but I want them to find girls who love Jesus and who love and care deeply for them. That's always my prayer for all of them, but I know it's all in the Lord's hands and I try to never say this kind of thing to them.)  

I was up early on Saturday, so I watched a Hallmark movie and had coffee while waking up. I kept dozing back off, though. I finally woke up enough to do some laundry and clean the kitchen, then I got dressed. Mom and I went out for a while yesterday. She had two places she wanted to go (which we both completely forgot one), then we had lunch and we ended the day at Home Goods. The only things I bought were foundation and suphedrine from Walgreens. I even had a gift card for Home Goods AND some Christmas money. I had a basket in my hands to buy at one point, but I put it back down. I love to "window shop" and am pretty good at not buying something unless I love it. I'm thinking of buying a rug for our living room again, or maybe some throw pillows for our bed. Until I'm sure, I'm hanging onto my money.

She dropped me back off at home, so I finished the afternoon by getting comfy again and finishing the book I was reading. I also dozed off and took a short nap. Todd worked again (he worked Friday night as well), and Noah and I had pizza for dinner. I watched Friends and kept getting really sleepy because Graham's puppy was cuddling so sweetly and warm, so I finally went to bed at 9:15. 

Todd and I were at church by 8:15 Sunday morning, then I had choir practice again at four. Because of the whole car sharing thing, I remembered to order groceries for the week, so while I waited on him to come downstairs to leave that morning, that was what I did. Well, that and I wrote this blog post. I asked one of the boys to pick up all the groceries between five and six that night and to help unload, since I was still going to be at choir practice. (It felt really good returning to choir! I love my choir family.)

That evening after we had dinner, we watched some episodes of Cobra Kai on Netflix, then I read a little before going to bed early again. Sunday always wears me out! 

I love Mondays now that everyone is grown. I used to hate this day, but that's not the case anymore. It's the day I use to get everything back in order at home. With everyone in and out all weekend, things get messy and misplaced, so I love using the time to straighten things up again and to de-clutter all the surfaces. I also use the time to plan out my week and to get something figured out for dinners each night. 

Since I had nowhere to be on this particular Monday, I enjoyed my quiet time for longer than usual and caught back up. I almost always get behind on Saturday and/or Sunday. Bible study starts back this week, so I am also going to use some of this time to reach out to the ladies who were in my small group and invite them back to join us this semester. I like to clean really well on this day and vacuum all the dog hair, and I also like to organize things in the pantry and refrigerators. All of that always gets really messy and inevitably, we always have food that needs to be thrown out in the garage fridge. 

Do you do this weekly? I'm always curious to hear about how other people do this kind of thing. I love getting glimpses into the lives of my friends. 

Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. ❤

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  1. I am envious of you that you like to clean :). I sure wish that I did!! Your weekend sounds nice- getting to relax, seeing your family and having a great day with church and choir. When you wrote about your son Drew and praying for the right person for him, I can relate. I just saw an email from our church that it is going to host a praying for our adult children event soon- I will be going to that for sure. Have a great Monday, friend!

  2. I know, it's such a weird thing to enjoy! It was a really good weekend. That sounds like a great event! Have you read the book Praying for your Adult Children by Stormie O'Martian? You may want to check it out! I hope you have a great day, Maria!

  3. Sounds like such a cozy weekend! Yes we also purge on Sundays typically- ha! Thank you for linking up with us :)

  4. That sounds a lot like our weekends; this weekend was very slow and easy with snow and rain and cold weather I wasn't really motivated to go anywhere. I did groceries with my husband late Saturday night after dinner (I had cleaned out the fridge earlier in the day-- I always clean out before shopping or while putting groceries away).

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Mine was rather low-key but very nice. Yes, that is a great picture of your son. He is, indeed, handsome...especially with that smile there!! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  6. I loved reading how the tradition began with your dad. I love those phone calls with our older kids. And I love a low key weekend filled with all the good things of life. Hope its been a great Monday!

  7. Thanks for hosting, Holly! I hope you had a great weekend!

  8. Joanne, it's the same here for most of my weekends. Occasionally something a bit more exciting will happen, but usually, this is it! I'm okay with this. I hope you had a great day!

  9. Jennifer, thank you! I am a bit biased...but a boy and his dog are just about irresistible in my mind! I'm glad you had a nice weekend too. I love low key weekends! I hope you had a good day, my friend!

  10. Thanks, Marilyn! I love those little moments in time as well. When Drew was in middle school, he would come in my room close to midnight and ask if I was awake and even if I wasn't awake, I'd pretend I was so that we could talk. Time goes by so quickly! I love seeing our kids grow into adults. They're such great guys. I know you can say the same about your girls! I get the sense that they're kind and excellent young ladies. I hope you had a great day, my friend!

  11. That sounds like a great weekend. I love your Friday tradition with your Dad! With all that open conversation time, I bet he’s told you some of the best stories and memories!! Thanks for linking up!


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