Monday, January 3, 2022

weekending/New Years edition


Happy Monday, friends! I am so happy this week is here. Would you believe I haven't known what day it was since the day of my birthday, way back on December 14? It was an insane last two weeks of December, which almost cancels out my love of all the things having to do with the Christmas season I so love. If you see me decorate early again this year, this is why. I love the time between Thanksgiving and my birthday, but after that, it's not my favorite. I don't know why this surprises me every year, but it does. I'm glad today is here, because hopefully this will mean things are returning to normal. Hopefully everyone in the house will be going to work and I'll get some time to myself. I love my family! But you also know how much I recharge by being alone. That week between Christmas and New Year's was nice, because everyone had some time off. It was also a lot of togetherness! 

That being said, we didn't do a whole lot over the weekend. We ended the year not feeling great thanks to warm weather and rain, so we stayed home a lot, watched tv, read books (me) and puttered around the house. We did go to church on Sunday, which I am always thankful for. We make it a habit to attend all that we're physically able. Look what I came home to after church! It was almost eighty on Saturday and this was around three yesterday afternoon. 

Speaking of habits and such, that reminds me of goal making in the new year.

Do you do this? I would love to hear about what your goals are for this year, if you're someone who makes New Year resolutions. I personally don't resolve to do much, because it seems like when I do, I set myself up to fail. I do have habits that I'm committed to each year, though, the most important one being reading the Bible through. Why or why don't you do this? If you make resolutions, how are you able to follow through with them? 

I love talking about this kind of thing and I love following people on social media who do things in this time frame, like being specific about cleaning and organizing. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Friday watching people clean and organize on TikTok videos. I wasn't doing anything else, so I allowed myself to go down that rabbit hole. To make myself feel a little better afterward, I did also actually get up to thoroughly clean in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. I have been spraying the house down with Lysol as well, just to keep things as germ free as possible here at home. 

I'll end this riveting blog post with one last favor: If you have any suggestions for me to write about, I'd love to hear them. I feel like people most love the "fluffy" posts that I love to write, but I prefer the more encouraging ones. I have stats that I can see to know this information, which is why I'm asking you. Is there anything in particular you'd like to read from me? I'd love to hear your feedback and enjoy the constructive criticism when it comes from a pure heart. Think about this and let me know either by commenting here or emailing me at

Thanks in advance! I hope you had a great weekend, friends. Love to all! ❤


  1. Good Morning
    I like to see your nail polish after each service

    I am also craving a routine again. Today everyone is back to work and school.

  2. Hey there, Jen! I'll share them after I go today. I can't wait, they're driving me crazy because of how long they are right now. Once they get long, I can't do things easily, like typing. Happy day to you, because you get your routine back! I'm hoping I do- the inclement weather may have thrown a wrench in everything. We'll see! Fingers crossed!

    Have a great day!

  3. I need to get on an organizing kick - my house still has Christmas all over it & I really have no plans to take it down soon - LOL

    Post ideas... how you became a Christian...
    ... how you met your husband
    ... being a Christian wife / mom - struggles & overcoming them

    Just a few ideas.

  4. Rebecca Jo- I get that! Also, you spent part of your time in a hospital, so I'd keep all the stuff out longer too. I know lots of people who keep it up for the twelve days of Christmas and I know one lady who makes her tree different for each holiday. I think that would start to bother me, though. Our house is a normal sized house, so we don't have tons of extra room and the clutter starts to grate on my nerves after so long.

    Those are great ideas. Thanks! Have a good day, my friend.

  5. Happy Monday friend! We had snow as well. Ours was today but came on the heels of a spring of a Sunday yesterday! So crazy. I'm talking inches and inches of snow today! But, like you, I'm all about a return to "normal" - the holidays were quite lovely but my husband and I both are soaking in the normalcy of this Monday!! I do love a normal Monday:) Glad you are feeling better. I rang in the new year "under the weather" but it did not last long. Grateful, to be sure. Have a wonderful week!!

  6. Jennifer- Hello! I think the whole country is having bouts of insane weather. Unfortunately where we live, people lose their minds when it snows and can't drive. It's harrowing with sons out on the road driving among people who don't know how to navigate in snow/ice. My husband worked several wrecks on one bridge Sunday night! Several! It's so scary to me. I'm glad you're feeling better too, my friend. Have a great day!

  7. Happy New Year 2022 to you and yours!


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