Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday Favorites, 2.4.22


Happy Friday! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for this weekly blog post. How's your week been? Ours is ending with everyone at home due to freezing rain yesterday and icy road conditions today. 

And on that note... of my favorite things to see in all of the world is Drew coming home with a bag. It means he's staying home with us for the weekend and that is another one of my favorite things. There is nothing that feels quite as good as knowing we're all home together. He had a harrowing drive home from work yesterday morning and then came home and crashed the rest of the day. They all went out for dinner last night and hung out before coming back home.

I loved this picture I saw on our town page yesterday on Facebook. I've said this before, but I really do enjoy winter and consider it my second favorite season (my first is fall). I love to see everything coated in a layer of ice. On the flip side of this, I do not love power outages and flickers and hearing the branches snap, crackle and pop. A huge limb fell in our neighbor's yard yesterday that narrowly missed their roof! It's so eerie hearing that at night.

Brownies are one of my favorite desserts. I enjoyed these after dinner last night. I had grand plans to make these, then make dinner for us since we'd all be home and right as I put these in the oven, our power went out. That prompted them to go out and me to eat leftovers. The minute the power came on, I warmed the oven back up to finish these and heated up leftovers from last night.

I was very uninspired for dinner Wednesday night, then I remembered that I had pie crusts in the freezer and a lot of eggs, so I made a couple of quiches. It was so good! I need to remember to do this more often and to keep other things on hand to throw in it instead of just the meat and cheese that was in this one. 

Memories like these above are my favorite. I distinctly remember both occasions. In the first picture, I was laying on the couch after church and settling in for a nap when Jonah came and snuggled up next to me. His sweet little cuddle bug self was always doing this when I would sit or lay down. The boys on the trampoline is such a sweet memory! We had trampolines in our yard for many years, first one and then a second when the first one broke. I cannot imagine how many hours they all spent jumping, but both were well worth the investment. Everyday the boys would do their school work, then I'd send them outside for exercise. 

Those were the days!

Sweet Callie is my favorite dog to see laying on a bed. Isn't she the sweetest? I'd just washed and dried that dog bed cover and she was taking full advantage. Well, that's about all I've got for this week. I'd love to hear from you—how was your week? Thanks for reading, friends! Love to all!


  1. Awe, great pictures. I am sorry you lost your power but it sounds like it wasn't for long. We had an ice/ snow storm here, too, and everyone was worried about losing power. My kids (and I, in smaller doses) loved to spend time on our various trampolines. Like you, we went through more than one. Our youngest was just learning to talk when we got a new one and she called it the "wampowine" so we started called it that. Great memories!! Have a wonderful weekend, friend.

  2. So is the Amed truck the one your husband drives? If that was sitting in our driveway the neighboorhood would all watching from their windows.

  3. I need to do a quiche - I always have eggs - what a good idea!!!!
    We were hearing snap, crackle & pops all night with limbs too giving into the ice.
    Have a great weekend friend!

  4. Glad the power was not out too long...and hooray for having yummy leftovers ready for when it did come back. Love those photos of the boys were they were young. Makes your heart melt, doesn't it?? Here's to a bit warmer weekend:)

  5. Maria, that's so cute! I love it when kids "name" objects. You probably had much worse weather than we did...we had a little bit of ice, but it wasn't as bad as what had been predicted. It was pretty while it lasted!

  6. Rebecca Jo- if you decide to make one, share it with me! I did buy some spinach and better cheeses to do another two this week. We ate on them for a few days!

  7. Thanks, Jennifer! I love yummy leftovers. I used to love to cook, but it started becoming something I dread...and now I'm starting to enjoy it again. We have a much warmer week ahead of us this week...I hope you get some nice sunshine too!


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