Thursday, February 3, 2022

thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday, friends! I'm joining in with Rebecca Jo and Leslie for this weekly blog post and gratitude list. 

I'm thankful for easy weeks and days—I've not done much of anything outside of our home this week and yesterday I was so cold that I just wanted to come home and take a shower after Bible study, so I did. And after that, I got comfy and stayed home for church. 

I'm so thankful for encouragement that comes from friends. I've been on the receiving end of that several times this week, from friends who have walked ahead of me in life. I love sitting in the company of such ladies and hearing them talk about life, marriage, parenting adult sons and daughters. We laugh a lot in these times and I just soak it all up. Three of our sons have been so disappointed this week, one with a friend and one in his job (not the two that work with my husband).  I definitely tend to take on whatever they go through.

I'm thankful for a very mechanically inclined husband that is useful in times when our sons need him. He is so over all the vehicle issues, but he has such a great attitude about it and you'd never know. I'm writing this on Wednesday night and he's with Jonah at his shop replacing something on his truck.

I'm also thankful for the times when he or one of our sons makes the Costco run for the week. I don't know why I don't like going there so much, but I feel strongly about it, especially after what Mom and I witnessed last week! We caught a man walking through the parking lot looking in the windows of all the cars. 

I'm so thankful for my sisters. We're all in this continual group text and Debi has all cracking up as I write this. I love our relationship! I know that we're a rare commodity. So many people don't get along with their siblings or never talk to them, but I'm one of the blessed ones. I miss them! Two of us are here and two are in Colorado. Lisa and Debi live there and Trish lives here.

Here we all are back in October of 2020 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. It was freezing when we took this and it was so windy! That was the most fun trip.

Well, thanks for reading, friends! What are some things you've been grateful for this week? I'd love to hear from you! Love to all. 

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  1. Such a cute picture of you and your sisters. Are you the only one with curly hair? I go Saturday to get my nails done. I am excited and trying to think of what color I want.

    1. Jen- thank you! And yes, that's me with bright pink and curly hair. That sounds fun! There are so many fun nail trends right now. I always go to Pinterest for inspiration. The two tone thing is huge right now! A friend texted me hers yesterday- she went with pail pink and then a brighter glittery pink on both her ring fingers. I love doing something fun like that! You'll have to share a picture on your blog. ❤

  2. Love that picture of you and your sisters. I’m planning to be home today and tomorrow too and so far I’m loving the down time. We’re home because of the weather but I’m still enjoying it. Have a great day.

  3. Great pic of you and your sisters! Yes, you are lucky you are close. I am close to my siblings. Unfortunately,I don't live close to any of them but we keep in good contact with each other via phone calls and texts. It is great that your husband is mechanically inclined. My husband is very handy which is well, very handy!! Have a great day and stay warm if you guys are having bad weather (we sure are here).

  4. I am thankful I made a Costco run yesterday. It was crazy busy! I am also thankful to be staying inside at home today. Stay safe and warm!

  5. Cute sisters!
    And what would we do without our husbands??

  6. Great photo! I just have one sibling - my brother - and I am so glad that we have such a good relationship. And he lives close again (after a couple years away)! Definitely something to be something for -

  7. Thanks, Cathy! I hope you enjoy your days at home with hubby! I saw that yummy soup you made on Instagram- I'm such a fan of potato soup! I may make some tomorrow. Yum!

  8. Thanks, Maria! I don't see mine too often either, at least the two that live in Denver, but I will take a text/phone date any day over nothing at all! We're all in a continual text together and I'm so glad for that small thing that helps us stay so connected. Stay warm and cozy!

  9. Marilyn, I know it was crazy! My son Graham went there and to Kroger for us yesterday and there was no 2% milk. It was a wonderfully cozy day here for me- our power went out for about an hour, so I pulled out all the candles to prepare for the night ahead, but then it came back on. I quickly warmed up some dinner and finished making the brownies I'd started. I'm hoping for the same tomorrow!

  10. Thanks, Michele! I don't even want to know. I always tell him that!

  11. Thanks, Jennifer! How good for you both that you live closer to each other again. I know that makes you happy! I hope you get to see him fairly often. We always have so much to be thankful for!

  12. I'm just now making the rounds - the snow has messed my world up around here LOL

    Having a mechanical husband is so nice. I love my hubby but that is NOT a talent of his.
    An easy week - what is that??? LOL Good for you!

    I'm so jealous of people that have sisters. I just have one brother & am always trying to "adopt" a sister HAHA

  13. I am so very thankful for my sister, too. No one can help me through a hard time or a blue funk like my sister can.

    I completely understand about taken on your children's difficulties. My shoulders are heavy with the burdens my daughters are bearing right now. Once a mother, always a mother.


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