Friday, May 13, 2022

Friday Favorites, 5.13.22


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals and Erika from A Little Bit of Everything for this weekly blog post. 

I have to start with stating the obvious—did you notice the new look here? It's twofold and I have to confess that I was messing with it the other night and accidentally changed something, then could never figure out how to change it back. I lived with it with the old way for a couple of days, but it was bothering me, so I did this yesterday. I had a friend who commented on how much she liked it and that it looked clean and that the font was easy on the eyes. That was affirming and nice of her to say, because I didn't like it at that exact moment. I also lost my blog roll that was on the right toolbar and I don't know the names of people's blogs, other than the ones I link up with each week, so if you comment, I'll add you to my bookmark. I'm talking to you, Maria, Jennifer, Joanne and Michele! 

Technology is never my favorite! There are times I'm so good with it and at other times it completely baffles me, but I digress.

So how's your week been? Mine has been really good. It's gone by really quickly! Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

Fresh flowers on my kitchen table are my favorite! Did you know that you can keep them looking fresh longer by changing out the water every two days? I always start with using the packet they include in the bouquet as well and I don't mess with it until at least three days have gone by. After that I rinse the bottoms of the stems and add in fresh water. 

I have had some chatty sons spend time with me this week, either in person or over the phone. That is always my favorite! I love it when they call me or when they sit and talk. I hardly ever see them, honestly and when I do, they're in and out quickly, so we don't get the chance to sit and catch up. I feel like I'm all caught up with the four of them and that's a great feeling. 

Being their mom is my favorite.

Something else that's my favorite is when I read or hear one verse in the Bible more than once. I've had this happen several times lately and as I was praying yesterday, I quoted Ephesians 3:20 in the closing part of my prayer.

And then, I promise you, I read this verse two more times in the same day. Isn't that cool how that happens? I like to imagine God with a highlighter and illuminating the verse as we read. The Bible says that His word is living and active and that's part of what description means, at least to me. I am always so thankful for this and how His word works in my life.

This one's random, but this little pillow that you see around my neck is my favorite.

My neck hurts a lot, so I like to use this when I'm watching a movie or show. It offers it support when I feel like I need a little extra or for when the chair feels too far back. I take this thing with me when I travel too, whether by car or airplane. I don't remember where I got it, but it helps to relax me, especially when I'm flying. Flying is NOT my favorite.

Reading books that inspire me in my walk with the Lord are my favorite and I've been using some of my favorites recently.

Despite the unfortunate cover of this book, it really is an amazing and practical book for those of us who have influence on ones younger than us that are within the family of God. I sat and read for an hour yesterday morning after my quiet time. It was nice to be able to do that!

This little book is quite impactful and has drastically changed the way I pray and is now one of my favorite resources.

I read it for the first time last year and took a class my pastor taught on it, but I've been using it again. I will probably read this again every year. 

Another favorite thing I've been doing this week is writing out Scripture. I'm taking a break from doing this in 2022, but as you know, it's something I've done for the last seven or so years. I have been writing out all of 1,2,3 John and Jude, which is what the Bible study we're currently writing will be on when we start back in August. I'm actually done with my portion of the study, but I'm still loving studying and reading it over and over again as I write it out and commit a lot of it to memory.

Speaking of Bible study, this day of homework when we summarized what we've studied the last ten weeks was my favorite.

This has been one of my favorite Bible studies to date! I'll be sad to see it end next week as we wrap up and break for summer. 

My daily Bible reading has been my favorite this week.

We've been reading in the book of Psalms, because where we currently are, David just died. We know that he wrote most of this book, but the dates are uncertain as to when he wrote them, so in reading chronologically, they're all just kind of lumped together. I'm not complaining! It's been so refreshing to read here and for that matter, so was going to church Wednesday to this class. We sat and discussed why we love this book and some of us shared our favorites.

This was one of my favorite images from the week on Instagram.

Do you follow Finding Joy on Instagram? You should!

And lastly, you know it's my favorite day when I get my nails done.

This color screams summer to me! Can you tell I'm ready to lay by a pool somewhere? I am.

How was your week? What's one thing that stands out to you as a favorite moment or thing? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 

P.s. It's a favorite when I learn new tips and tricks in blog world, which is why I share something I just learned by accident. Did you know that as you're typing if you right click where you're about to write your next word, a little box pops up with a choice to insert an emoji? Maybe you're smarter than me and already knew this, but you can even do that in comment boxes as you comment on other blogs! My mind was blown. You're welcome! πŸ˜‰ See? I just did that.


  1. I will have to try your trick with the emoji- just did 😍! It sounds like you had a good week with lots of reading and spending quality time with your sons. My week has been really busy and tiring but good overall. I just picked my daughter up from college for the summer. That was the highlight of my week. I hope you have a wonderful Friday, friend!

  2. Maria- it has been good! I love that quality time, whether it's in person or over the phone. I know you're glad to have your girl home for summer! I hope the re-entry process is smooth and easy to transition for everyone! I hope you have a great weekend, my friend. πŸ’•

  3. Okay love that meme- we need to keep reminding ourselves that! Love seeing your scripture too and wow- such pretty nails! Have a wonderful and springy weekend XO

  4. I have accidentally made that emoji box pop up before and wondered how I do it! Another little blogging tip I use is to click on the name of the person commenting which then brings me to their Blogger domain and I can almost always click over to their blog page to read and comment (since I'm not always that great at remembering who goes wit what blog name!). I like the new look and have been toying with changing up a few of my design features too. I like to give the blog a fresh look every few years. Your flowers are just beautiful and I too change out the water every few days; my last wildflower bouquet from the grocery store lasted 2 weeks doing that! I was amazed.

  5. Trying it. 😁 It worked. Thanks for the tip as I love learning new things. It sounds like you've had a really good and I hope your weekend is just as good. By the way, love the polishπŸ’…πŸ’…

  6. Beautiful flowers and pretty nails (love that color!). I am going to check out those two books. And I am loving this Bible study too. So sad it is almost over. What's next? Something in the fall?

  7. I like your new blog design, even if it was accidental! Very easy to read! I also love when bible verses show up over and over in my day or week. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Technology can be so frustrating! It always takes me a while to get everything just right when I'm doing my blog layout. I'm always pleased with how it looks when I'm done, but it certainly takes me a few years to want to go through that again!

    Those flowers are pretty! I bought a bouquet from Trader Joe's last week that I have been enjoying. I always add about a teaspoon of sugar to the water (which I will change out whenever it starts to look a little cloudy.) but the sugar works really well at making them last a long time!

    And it certainly is funny when you hear the same Bible verse multiple times! Sometimes I'll hear something at church and then during the week I'll read the same verse again or my devotional will mention something that was discussed in the last week's sermon. I guess it's God's way of making sure we don't forget things! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Holly, isn't that awesome? It's such a great reminder to all of us, since most of us are our own worst critics. I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Thanks, Joanne! I love learning new tips like that. I actually knew that about the comments and how it can take me to their blog, which is something I do all the time when I see a new name. I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Thanks, Cathy! Isn't that a cool and useful little trick?! I keep using it all the time now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  12. Thank you, Bri! I love it too. I went in knowing I wanted something close to periwinkle and this was the closest thing I could find. I love fun and bright in the summer months. I am SO SAD to see this study end! I have enjoyed every minute of it.

    In the fall we'll be doing another study that the writing team wrote. It'll be on 1,2,3 John and Jude. I'm excited! Our first day of study will be Wednesday, August 17th. I'd love to send you a copy! I'll put it in the mail the second we can get our hands on one.

  13. Thanks, Tanya! I actually love the look of your blog too. It's probably my favorite that I've seen. I'm curious if you did that on your own or if you got some outside help? I'm considering doing that.

    I love that too! I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Hi, Nicole! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I completely agree about technology. We have a love/hate relationship with each other. 🀣

    I have never heard of putting sugar in the water. I will definitely try that with these today when I rinse them and change their water again. That's so good to know, thanks for that!

    I agree with the way that God works...I always feel extra stubborn and it's like he's trying to get it through my thick skull. Ha! I do love when He does that, though, it's one of those really sweet things that He does often to remind me that He's right here with me. I'm so grateful for the relationship we're able to have with Him as His children.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  15. That will be a great study!!!! Can’t wait! Marking it in my calendar now. 😍❤️😍❤️

  16. Bri- Yay! I'm so glad you'll be joining us again! I know Mrs. Kay will be thrilled to hear that as well.

  17. Jen - I love the new blog look! Updates are nice...and (sometimes) fun. Sometimes completely frustrating. And, I agree, the new font is easier on the eyes. My book for the Bible study should arrive this week. It must be coming on a wagon trail...but I'm excited to jump in. Thanks, as always, for sharing all your insights and encouragement! And, I am glad to know that I'm not the only one needing some calming when flying (oh my blood pressure was unreadable on our flight home from Texas!!) Have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!!

  18. Thank you, Jennifer! I agree wholeheartedly...we have a love/hate relationship with one another. I'm so glad you'll be doing that Bible study! You'll have to let me know what you think of it. Keep my email in mind ( since I just finished it myself. I'd be glad to correspond!

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend, my friend. ❤


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