Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Prime Purchases! April edition.


Happy Tuesday, friends! This is one of the best Tuesdays of the month, in my humble opinion, when we link up with Tanya and talk about our Prime Purchases from the month. I'll jump right in! Click on the picture to be re-directed to Amazon.

I've made a couple of purchases for my curly hair in the last week. One is a conditioner and the other is mousse. Depending on who you talk to, mousse may or may not be the best choice for curly hair girls, but for me it works. Except for this one that I just bought. I'm rolling my eyes, because I hate that I don't like it, but I refuse to let it go to waste and I'll use it as a backup.

Mine actually says "air-dry waves" on the front, but you get the gist. I don't like that I can't feel this product. I have very thick and curly hair that actually needs a little crunch to hold it in place. When I used this, I could feel my hair growing outwardly throughout the day, which is ironic since the brand is Frizz Ease. It made my hair feel more frizzy. I'll use it as a backup, though or to supplement with on the days that I don't wash.

The second hair product that I bought was this conditioner.

Contrary to the mousse, I love this conditioner! I'm normally a Pantene girl, but for some reason it's hard to find right now. I was looking for hydrating and this does the trick so far. It also smells amazing, which I kept noticing the day I washed my hair. If anyone with curly hair is reading this, do you have issues with tangling? Mine gets all knotted up underneath my hair, right in the back. I bought a good quality detangle spray by the LUS brand, but it's no different from the old kids' brand I used on my boys when they were little. I'd love to know if you have issues with this and if so, what you use to help combat all the tangles. I'd prefer to go longer than a couple of days in between washes, but I don't know if that's possible. 

Most young men Jonah's age are into TikTok and YouTube videos about cars and such, right? Not Jonah. He watches cleaning and washing videos on both those sites I mentioned. We've been on a cleaning spree and we washed our pillows last week. He sent me a video link and pictures of the washing machine dials that the woman used on the video he watched. I'm all for that kind of thing and wanted to wash mine as well, so I did that and then I ordered this four pack of pillow protectors.

This whole segment has made me laugh and shake my head. Jonah is not the typical nineteen year old young man. I love all of his little quirks and cleaning binges. As I write this post on Monday afternoon, he's upstairs cleaning his room and their bathroom. He's had a slow day at work and has been home in between calls today. I've loved having him here! 

I bought a new eyeshadow palette that I love! 

It has over 25 thousand five star ratings, so I felt good making this purchase. I like the colors and that they're high in pigment, which just means that a little goes a long way. I like the bronze and shimmery colors for summer, when my skin gets a little darker. 

I also bought this age erase wand of magic.

The color I bought is number 160 and just says "brightener". I've used this stuff for over ten years and it's something I always buy again when I'm finished with the tube. I use it under my eyes and at the corner of my eyes for a little brightening action. I love this stuff.

The last thing I bought was this dress for the banquet we're going to in Nashville on Wednesday night.

I was super hesitant to buy this, but I made sure I had plenty of time to return it if needed and to find another one. That being said, for my first ever personal clothing purchase, this one is a winner. I'm impressed that it looks EXACTLY like this on me, including the length and I was surprised by the quality after I washed it yesterday. It got softer without shrinking an inch. I tried it on again just to make sure! I love the print and the fit and am excited to have a long dress for this event and for church. The base color of the dress is navy blue and the flowers are a true periwinkle, AND IT HAS POCKETS. That alone could have sold me. I'll have more pictures when we get back from our trip on Thursday. Stay tuned! 

It's your turn! What have you bought and loved recently from Amazon? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all. 


  1. That is great that your son is into cleaning! Aren't kids' various interests amazing? None of my kids have the cleaning bug- the apples haven't fallen far from the tree ;). The dress you bought is really pretty! I've ordered one dress from Amazon and I did not care for it. Yet for some reason I didn't return it. It is in my closet as a reminder to be very careful about purchasing clothes from Amazon I guess, lol. I haven't been purchasing much from Amazon lately- still somehow spending money but not from Amazon. Have a great day, friend!

  2. That dress is a great find! So pretty. And I love that age erase concealer. It's my go to.

  3. Maria, I love how different each of our kids are. It always amazes me that they're brothers. 🤣 Thanks for the compliment on the dress! This is only the first time I've purchased clothing for myself there, so you know I was hesitant as well. As much as I dislike shopping for clothes for myself, I am very much for trying things on. I was careful to read reviews and their return policy even if it just was for something like "didn't like" or something similar. I'll probably buy another one before the summer ends, because I really like this one. I hope you have a great day, friend!

  4. Thanks, Fonda! I love it too and lamented over all the color options before choosing this print. Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!

  5. That dress is going to look so beautiful on you!! Can't wait to hear about your Nashville trip!

  6. I have the same dress in green & love it! Its so comfy!!!... you can tie up the side in a knot too & give it a new look in the warmer months.

  7. Thank you, Bri! I can't wait! 😍

  8. Great minds think alike, Rebecca Jo! How funny that you have the same dress. I like that idea! Thanks for sharing that tip, I don't know that I would have thought of that on my own. 😍

  9. The pillow protectors are such a good idea. I'm adding that brightener to my cart right now. How wonderful that your son enjoys cleaning...his wife will be happy someday! :) Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases.

  10. Thanks for hosting us, Tanya! I hope you like that eye brightener!


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