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Friday Favorites, 10.28.22.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for this favorite weekly blog post. I hope you enjoy my random list of favorites. (Side note: I try really hard not to be too redundant here on the blog. It's always a challenge to come up with new content for these weekly posts! I'm up for it, but if you ever have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. I always appreciate feedback!)

Do you have favorite restaurants that you frequent often? 

I do, and this is my favorite Mexican restaurant, La Perla Tapatia. I have seen some of you share about really great restaurants in the areas that you live, particularly my friend and fellow blogger Amy. She lives in a great area with a lot of really different and authentic restaurants, but we just don't have that here in my little hometown. (It's not little, though it does feel that way.) If we have restaurants that are different that pop up, they don't always succeed. That being said, because of that fact, we frequently eat at our favorite restaurants repeatedly. This one pictured above is my favorite Mexican restaurant. I love their chicken tortilla soup! My friend yesterday just told me I need to try their steak street tacos, but I also love their fajita nachos. Another favorite restaurant is Huey's, which is another local place and has an American food menu. It's a bar/pub type of place and it's so cool. 

(I got both of these images from Google images.) You can see the type of place it is—a local neighborhood restaurant with great ambiance. Everything on their menu is excellent! My boys love it because when you order your drink, they automatically bring you a little pitcher to refill it as soon as you've emptied your glass. Not only is their food great, so is their service and lots of the staff have worked there for years. I love that Huey's has trivia night on Monday nights. I want to go and do that with my husband one night, because it sounds like fun! I just appreciate good food and I enjoy it, so that means I don't usually love any chain type restaurants. Are you this way, or do you even care? 

I wore one of my favorite fall outfits yesterday!

Don't you love my fancy mirror for pictures like this? I really want a nice mirror to check my outfit in. The week here started really warm and gradually got cooler, for which I am so glad. It was definitely cool enough for this shirt and vest combo, but also the leaves have started showing off a little more. Seeing such vibrant colors on the leaves is my favorite!

That first picture is at my dad's house. Isn't it beautiful out there? I don't know if I've mentioned here that he lives on about ten acres. That lake and the view of trees is one of my favorites of all time. The other pictures are in my neighborhood, along the walking path, and then in my own back yard. Leaves on the lawn are my favorite! I love the sight and sound they make. 

This little pumpkin my sister Debi sent me home with is my favorite. I put it on my nightstand, since I didn't have anything fall related up there. In a couple of weeks, it'll be decked out for Christmas! 

Looking back on past Halloweens and memories is another favorite thing.

Like the year that Graham and Drew went as part of the Smurf family with their friends for dress up night in the youth. And then, there was the time Missy and I went as our favorite episode of Lucy—the one when they worked at the candy factory.

...and we kept eating all of our candy.

There was the year Drew went with his friend as Bethany Hamilton and the shark that bit off her arm...

...which involved late night shopping at Target with Missy and him trying on shorts and bras.

And the time that Jonah and Noah dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Cole, their buddy dressed as Cat in the Hat. 

Then, there was Noah who dressed up as a Teletubby just last year at Drew's and his roommates' Halloween party. I loved this year when Graham dressed up as Woody from Toy Story.

These were the best days! I miss the days of them dressing up. 

I got to see my brother this week! He was here from Orlando and spent the week with Dad. I got to see him on Tuesday night, when I went to visit and to eat dinner with them and hopefully I'm taking him to the airport today. They're supposed to let me know.

Lastly, the town FINALLY put the pumpkins and fall décor out on the square!

That is always one of my favorite things to see. They also already have the Christmas lights up, but they won't light them until the weekend before Thanksgiving. I asked about this once—someone told me they do it the weekend before Thanksgiving because it's a big tourist weekend for the town and they like to have it all lit up for our visitors. I am perfectly okay with this! It just adds extra festive cheer. 

Before I go, I want to remind you of a couple of things: one is that on Monday I'll be sharing the books I read in September and October. I completely forgot about that post in September, what with being out of town. I'd love for you to come back Monday and read that post! The second thing is that next month's Currently post will be on Wednesday, November 2 and we'll be talking about what we're currently borrowing, buying, planning, prepping and reading. I'd love for you to join us, but no worries if you don't post that day—I'll leave the link open all month. Also, in case you missed them, here are my blog posts from the week. 

Monday, I shared 4 somethings from October. 

On Tuesday I shared about being home from eight days in Colorado.

Wednesday was the monthly What's Up Wednesday post.

And, yesterday was Thankful Thursday. 

How was your week? What was something that was a favorite from yours? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. Ahh how sweet to see your brother. I didn’t realize you had a brother. So 4 girls and 1 boy? I’m a sister to 3 brothers. You look amazing in the vest outfit.

  2. The Halloween costumes are great! I like creative costumes and you and your boys definitely achieved that. I like chain restaurants as well as non chain restaurants. I am not super picky! We have a number of "local chains" that we frequent.

  3. If we're eating in town we have very few options but all are locally owned and not a chain which I do like. If we venture further out in the city we see more chains and there are some I like to eat at occasionally- mainly The Cheesecake Factory and Texas Roadhouse (I love their rolls and cinnamon butter!). But even when we travel we try to find either chains we don't have and have never eaten at or local restaurants.

  4. Amy, that's true- we can't have it all, I suppose. There are some more restaurants we have on the square that I've never tried, but I'm thinking I want to remedy that tonight...there's one I've been wanting to try, the Highlander Pub. It's adorable and I've heard good things about it. When we go out, we usually go in the opposite direction of the square. I love Irish pub food, though!

    I think I am going to do that tomorrow! I haven't seen them in two weeks. That ensemble costume with Drew as Bethany and his friend as the shark won first place that night. He's always been crazy!

  5. Thanks, Jen! So, there are six of us, total. My dad had two kids from a previous marriage, my mom had two from a previous marriage, then they married and had Trish and me. Paul (pictured) is the oldest, then Terri, Lisa, Debi, Trish and me. I just don't get to see Paul and Terri very often, but he's here now and she will be here next week! I bet being a sister to three brothers was interesting when you were growing up!

  6. Thanks, Maria! I love that too. I do remember you saying that, how food isn't a big deal for either of you. I do like a couple of chain restaurants- Texas Roadhouse, Longhorns- but that's about it.

  7. I love your fall outfit! Also, those costumes are so fun!

    I have to comment on the leaves in the yard...I love when the yard is covered in leaves. I've never been a fan of raking up the leaves. I love the colors and the crunch :)

    I've always wanted to live in a town where they had a town square. I live in a small town and the city hall is on Main St., and they decorate for holidays, which I love to see. I need to snap some pictures next time.

    Our town does have a cute coffee shop, but I always end up going through the Dunkin Donuts drive thru for a Frozen coffee with mocha :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh, maybe we need to try out the Mexican restaurant one time because chicken tortilla soup is one of my favorites to order when I go out to Mexican restaurants. It makes me feel better about indulging in all the chips :). That little pumpkin on your nightstand is so cute too! Have a good weekend friend!

  9. The Mexican restaurant sounds great. I love Mexican food but here in Sydney there are not many around and definitely none near where I live. If I want Mexican food my only option is going to a take away place called Guzman y Gomez in the city. Our local restaurants are all Asian. I live right next to a suburb in Sydney where there is a very large Asian population and it’s actually bigger than our China Town in the heart of the city. I like Asian food but not all the time.If we want to eat out we don’t have many non Asian options around us.

  10. I love all the Halloween pics. So fun to look at. The town looks so cute with pumpkins and lights. How festive!

  11. Marilyn- YES! Anytime, my friend. I am always glad to introduce it to new people!

  12. Ruth, that's so strange how it's mostly Asian restaurants near you. I had never thought about other places not having variation with different food types. I am sure you get tired of just that when you go out.

  13. Thanks, Jen! It is so cute and festive. I call it my own little Stars Hollow. Did you ever watch Gilmore Girls?

  14. LOVE your favorite fall outfit! I'd be wearing that on repeat:)


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