Friday, May 12, 2023

Friday Favorites, 5.12.23.


Happy Friday, friends! I have never been so glad to see this day. This may seem like a dramatic statement, but it has been a week. Wednesday just about took me down! I had the worst headache I've had in a long time and had to come home and just lay down for half an hour in complete silence. That's so unlike me! I think it was weather related, but I also know that the testing I did all day long at work did its part to contribute. Needless to say, I am glad it's Friday. One more Friday after today! Anyway, I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's favorite blog post of the week. 

Does anyone else love comparison pictures like me? No? 

They're my favorite! Most of you will remember that it was this time last year when Todd and I made a one night trip to Nashville for him to be honored along with a team of emergency workers for saving a life. He received the Star of Life award that night, which is such an incredible honor. Many others were awarded that night as well, for many different rescues that were made in the year 2021. It's hard to believe that a year has already passed since this trip, but look at how different my guys looks! He's lost so much weight, and I am so proud of him, though not just for that. 

I already shared about this on Monday's blog post, but seeing this movie with my sister was my favorite. I loved this book as a young girl!

The seniors being honored at church each year at this time is my favorite thing to watch. I loved when our sons were honored in this service! I love that they have them stand in front and call their families and friends to come and pray over them in this time. I always cried during this time! I took this picture for my friend who was down there praying for her son.

Seeing this out the window of our room at school is never a favorite, but thankfully, everything was okay. On Monday right as breakfast ended at nine, and we headed down to pick up our kindergarten students, the fire alarm sounded and then proceeded to go off for the next forty minutes. The firemen had to make a thorough inspection before they could let us back in the building, but it was determined to be a glitch in the alarm. We were outside for 45 minutes that day, so the day just started weird. We ended up not having our K kiddos, and we also didn't have our first graders, since they were on a field trip that day. They were trying to leave at the same time that all of this was going on and had to leave all their water bottles and snacks that had been bought to take with them. It was such a mess, but at least they didn't have to leave too late. Just about everyday of working at the elementary school has been an adventure! 🤣

This little devotional book is one of my very favorites. My stepmom gave it to me last year for Mother's day, and this day really spoke to me. I love it when that happens! 

Good hair days are always a favorite, and therefore worth the documentation. I got three inches cut off of my hair on Monday! It's still long, but it looks so much better. 

Did anyone else used to love the school version of chocolate milk? I went to drink this on Tuesday, and holy cow! I put it back down when I saw all the grams of sugar it had. And also, I had to take this picture to see the print, it was so teeny tiny.

Getting texts and Snapchats from my boys is always a favorite! Drew is good to do this, since I never see him these days. He has been working so hard recently! He worked until after ten one night this week. Also, it's been hotter than Hades this week.

Tuesday night was a favorite night for me this week! One of my students has been talking about her games and she asked me to come to one, so Todd, Crash, and I went to watch the Riptide play. 

I miss the days of spending nights out at the baseball fields! Those were the days. I've known Kallie since she was a little girl, so it was fun to see her do her thing. I adore her!

This day was my favorite day this week! On Wednesday, we had the Parade of Dragons, which is when the graduating seniors that went to our school come and walk through the school. I thought it was going to be emotional, but there was fun music playing during this time. 

Thursday was NOT my favorite day, so I wore a favorite outfit to overcompensate. 🤣 It was another day of state testing (this time a field test), and I was dreading it, but it wasn't that bad. 

And last but not least, this picture will always be my favorite. This is my sister Lisa in Walmart, seconds after someone (not her) knocked over this huge display. She had someone take her picture and every year it pops up in my memories, I laugh. Her expression cracks me up! She's such a mess, and I miss her.  

Well, that's all I've got today, my friends. Did you catch my other blog posts this week? I'll link them below. 

Monday I shared about my weekend.

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Wednesday I shared some words that I'm living by right now. 

I hope to see you back here Monday and that you have a great weekend. Thank you for reading my blog! Love to all.


  1. I was substitute teaching in Pre-K one year when the fire alarm went off (in the middle of winter).. there had been a weird burning rubber smell that I reported so we vacated the entire building; eventually moving all the kids onto school buses once they were called and showed up since it was THAT cold. Our schools are all connected in town so they evacuated all students from pre-k- 12 and the fire department had to go room by room, building by building. Eventually our students were moved into the high school gym and the high school and middle school kids went back to class. It was nearly lunch by the time our building was cleared. Turns out the fridge in the room I was subbing was dying and I had to hold class in a vacant room.... it was a very long sub day but thankfully everyone was fine and the kids were all pretty cooperative!

  2. I love the pic of you and your husband. We do regular fire drills at preschool and it's always such a challenge corralling the kids and making sure that they are safe outside of the preschool gates. We had one real emergency years ago when it was pouring rain. The rain got in through the roof and caused some kind of electrical problem. We saw smoke coming from the ceiling and we knew that this time it was for real! Thankfully the firemen came in a flash and everything was ok. We ended up having to call all the parents to come and pick up their kids as they were all soaking wet from standing in the rain during the evacuation. It certainly was a day we will never forget! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend xx

  3. I so appreciate you sharing the devotion about emotional pain. I can so relate. I hope you have a good weeekend and Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Sorry you have had a rough week!
    Your husband is looking really well.
    Oh wow! I didn't know there was a Are You There God? movie! I am going to have to try and convince my youngest to come to the cinema to see it, I loved the book when I was younger too.

  5. Joanne, that's a crazy story! Thankfully our alarm sounded on a pretty and warm day. It actually felt great outside the whole time we were out there! I'm glad it was like that, after hearing your story. I did think at one point how thankful I was that it wasn't raining as we stood out there.

  6. Ruth, that's so scary! And how unfortunate that you all had to get so wet. I can only imagine how challenging it would be trying to coral a bunch of kids outside the safety of the gates. Yikes!

  7. Marilyn, I hope you are hanging in there, my friend. I know you'll love having your girls home again soon!

  8. Thanks, Kim! You should see the movie, it was so good!


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