Wednesday, May 10, 2023

words to live by


Happy Wednesday, friends! It's funny how I haven't been much in a writing type of mood, and all of a sudden, I am. Isn't life always interesting like that? It could also be the fact that the school days I have left working full time are almost down to the single digits. Insert girl jumping excitedly here. 

I thought I'd share a few things I've seen recently on Pinterest that I love, and have added to my board there, called "words to live by". I hope you're inspired and encouraged as you read.

I love this saying above. I've witnessed some meanness around me lately, and I don't like it and the way it makes someone feel. I am a believer in the fact that we should honor the Lord by being respectful of the people God placed in our lives. There's absolutely no reason for anyone to treat another person mean, and the Bible is full of verses about how we're to treat others. You should Google it and read them for yourself as a reminder—I think it's something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. My pastor talked about those verses not too long ago, and on the Sunday he did, I was working in the tech booth, so I got to keep the printed version of all the verses that he stated. I keep it in my Bible and I pull it out to read them often. 

I love this saying! I am a big believer in having something to look forward to each week. It varies from time to time what it is that I'm looking forward to. Last week it was going to a movie with my sister Trish, when we went to see Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret. This week it's coming home to write or to read my book. I think that having something to look forward to makes a huge impact on your mental health. I think part of this is the perspective we keep—or maybe it's a personality thing. Try it for yourself and see the good it does! Schedule some time for yourself, if that's your thing; schedule a girl's night out with a girlfriend; think about starting or joining a book club (that's what I'm doing right now); plan your next trip—whatever floats your boat, try it for yourself! I promise, little bits of joy each day brightens the mood and your countenance. 

And lastly, I love this reminder above. Friends, I love Instagram as much as the next person, but I have to keep it at arm's length. The comparison thief is sneaky and weasels his way in, if we're not careful of how much time we spend there, and the perspective we keep while we scroll. That means that I have to be careful about my mindset while I browse through my feed there. If I weren't so diligent about that, I'd become very envious of others, very quickly. I'm not saying that never happens, but when I feel it coming on, I back away for a few days and stick to reading. I do try to be careful about how much time I spend there, and I try to be quick at picking up a book to read instead of reaching for my phone. 

Do any of these stand out to you? I'd love to hear some words you're living by right now, whether from the Bible, a song that you love, or something you've recently read. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. ❤


  1. I recently discovered the saying..."Old ways won't open new doors." I think it's such a great reminder that if we keep going down the same path, we will never experience anything new.

  2. I love that, Debbie! It's so true!

  3. I feel the exact same way you do with social media and the comparison game and do the exact same thing- I spend more time reading books and less time on my phone when I can feel a nagging sense of, "I wish I had this like so and so on SM." Also your first point on kindness is true as well and is important to remember.

  4. Maria, right? It's so much better for us to read than to scroll. Thank you for that, my friend!


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