Thursday, June 1, 2023

all the summer things I love


Hello and happy June, friends! I know it's not technically summertime yet, but for all intents and purposes, last weekend was the unofficial kickoff of a great season. It is for me, at least, and that is where I'm gaining inspiration for today. I hope you're inspired to make your own version of this type of post—they're always my favorite kind to read. 

First up, is all the patriotic décor that I love. This is an older picture and these lights quit working, but it's inspiring me to find some more and to put out all the flags around the inside of our home. Nothing says summer to me more than patriotic décor. 

Tis the season for beach towels over all the surfaces! I love freshly laundered beach towels; no matter how many times I wash them, they still smell like sunscreen.

I love lounging in or around the pool in the summer months! I swim with my mom-in-love every week, and it's my favorite thing to do. It gives us time to chat and to catch up and it allows me time to be outside soaking in some vitamin D! I use sunscreen so that I don't burn, but I love gaining somewhat of a tan on my legs and arms. I usually don't burn anymore, because I'm diligent with sunscreen and the whole reapplying process, and I never allow my face to get sun anymore. I really want to minimize my chances of getting any additional sunspots. I wear makeup to the pool for this reason, because mine has sunscreen in it and I wear lipstick to keep my lips from getting a sunburn. I also wear a visor and sunglasses, so I look like a diva. 🤣 We swim in her neighborhood pool, and we're usually either alone or in the company of one other resident. It's nice, I won't lie. 

I included this picture of this golden rain tree below, because once I see it blooming like this, it's the unofficial sign of the summer. The blooms last through June, and are already browning by the time the end of July comes around. 

I love wearing all the bronzy makeup in the summer. I don't use a lot of makeup during this time of year because it's too hot, honestly, and I don't enjoy the feel of it melting down my face. I use a little bit of foundation mixed in with my sunscreen, I wear neutral eyeshadow, mascara, a bronzing blush, and neutral lipstick. This is also an older picture below, because I don't use most of this stuff anymore.

I love summer nights spent sitting outside on our deck! We have plans to pressure wash out here this week, so we can start sitting outside at night while it's still cool enough to do so. We have citronella candles, lemon grass planted in pots, and a bug zapper to lessen the chance of being eaten alive by mosquitos. 

I use these Moroccan oil products in my hair all the time, but they remind me of summer. 

Once again, here's my new favorite product in my morning makeup routine. I love this stuff! 

I love this lotion! I've been using it for a year now and I still love it just as much as I did the day it arrived from Amazon. I need to reorder some soon, because I'm scraping the bottom of this tub. 

Other things not pictured that I love about summer are the easy dresses that I love to wear, all the extra time spent reading, traveling (even though I may not be doing that this summer), spending time with my man outside, grilling out all the time, fresh fruits and veggies, swimming...all the things. What's your favorite thing about this time of year? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Yes to all of this! I am going to do a big bathroom cabinet clean out and move all the more wintery products and treat myself to some more summery ones. I need to do more patio decor and change my indoor decor from Derby stuff. Ah - so much to do! I have started a list, though. I am so glad you have access to that beautiful pool!

  2. Yes, to many of these! We have a seasonal ice cream store within walking distance of our house that's only open in warm weather so walking there to get ice cream seems like summer to me. I don't use different products in the summer, and quite honestly, without being able to smell nearly at 100%, I probably won't do so. But I used to love the smell of coconut anything and that reminded me of summer. I'm going to start keeping up all of my patriotic decor from Memorial Day through at least July 4th so that decor will seem like summer to me ;).

  3. Amy, I need to do the same! I also have some things inside that I need to put away until fall. I am so glad I have access to this pool! I swam twice this week, and it was heavenly!

  4. Maria, that sounds wonderful! I love that you have a seasonal ice cream shop. How sad that you can't smell all the coconut scents anymore! I know what you mean, though. My nose doesn't always work either. For the moment, it's working, and I'm thankful.

  5. Yes! ALL of the patriotic decor makes me so happy. We get ours up before Memorial Day and it stays up all summer. I take everything down after Labor Day :)

  6. Me too, Holly! I love it. I leave it up that long as well, then I start decorating for fall.


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