Wednesday, September 13, 2023

a few random things & updates


Happy Wednesday, friends! I thought I'd share about a few random things and updates that I haven't talked about before. Happy reading! 

The first one is about books.

I love to read seasonal books! Are you like this? Once summer is officially over, I like to put away the books having to do with that season. 

I love to read fall decorating magazines like these pictured...but who am I kidding? I will no longer pay the prices for these. This is an older picture. I should go into my library for these, since they're always available to read. Do you still subscribe to magazines? If you love to read them, that's definitely the way to go. I feel like Pinterest outdated magazines, if I'm being honest. I'm not complaining, since I don't like spending money on things I have to eventually throw away. 

Life update: Todd still loves his newest hobby and going for long rides! I love this for him and that he has something so fun to do that he enjoys so much. He bought some gear recently for when it gets colder, and he's looking into a full helmet for then as well. 

Another life update: I still love my job! I love that it feels like I am taking care of people by working in the bookstore and café. It's definitely giving me all the opportunities to share the gift of hospitality with people, and I am enjoying learning new things. The money side of it still freaks me out, but I know that will get easier. I was able to operate on my own yesterday morning after a power outage, and I managed on my own while I sold copies of a Bible study and made the coffee for a couple of classes we had going on. We got me set up with a computer yesterday as well, so I'll be able to do things like make orders and enter information into spreadsheets for the financial side. It's enough to keep me so busy that I don't have much time to clean/decorate/rearrange. That's a good problem, but certain areas are still driving me crazy. I need to focus on that today and tomorrow. 

Aside from running the bookstore, ordering supplies and items, and the retail side, I also make big carafes of coffee for people to purchase for their Bible study groups, should they want. I make it for people any time the church doors are open. We ask for $1 donation fee in return for a cup of coffee, because it's not cheap! A carafe costs $8, and many of the Sunday connect groups order them for their classes. Much of my time is spent over coffee and supplies—ordering, making, stocking supplies we run out of, and entering things into our inventory system. I also have people who come in regularly who need help finding someone. 

I had to get my picture taken for work this past weekend, so this was me trying to figure out what to wear. 

I went with the denim jacket option and sandals. 

I am enjoying helping lead a Bible study small group, as usual! It's so good to be back in Bible study again. I'm already looking ahead to what I'm going to do next, because this one that I'm doing now ends at the end of October. In some ways it'll be nice to have a nice long break, but I really also love the accountability and fellowship of Bible study. (This was me last week preparing to lead the lesson I wrote.) Are you participating in a Bible study right now? I'd love to hear about it, if you are!

I love that Chloe is still small enough to sleep wherever she lands, but it won't be long before she outgrows this spot in between this table and my chair. 

My sister Debi is in town for work this week, and I got to see her last night! I won't see her again before she has to leave on Friday, unfortunately, but I'll be with her again at the end of the month when my sister Trish and I travel to Colorado. I didn't take any pictures, but we had an amazing dinner. I got one of my favorite sushi rolls from a local Japanese place that we all love, and I also ordered a small bowl of veggie fried rice. It was delicious! 

Well, that's all I can think of for now, so I'll end it with that one. Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. I love updates! Thank you! I am happy that you seem fulfilled and content and this is where you need to be right now!

  2. Chloe is adorable :)

    It sounds like the bookstore has lots to keep up with.

    And I'm a seasonal reader too, as far as magazines go. I do still subscribe to Cottage Living and Mary Jane's Farm. I recently ordered a "summer" edition of a magazine and they didn't send it until yesterday! Summer is over! What's the point?

    Thanks for the update! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. Amy, you're welcome! And it's true. I'm finding my new normal routine on the mornings I work as well, which is always a bonus!

  4. Such a fun little update- love reading how happy you are at your new job- makes me smile!

  5. Debbie, I think so too! You're right, it is a lot to keep up with. I'm making notes on notes. How annoying that your summer magazine JUST came! I know you love the two that you get, so I'm sure that was a disappointment. Maybe you can tuck it away for next summer!

  6. Bible study was supposed to begin today - but several of the leaders apparently have covid, so it has been postponed. Sigh. But I am really looking forward to the return of Bible study! And, why oh why are magazines so expensive. I do have a friend who shares hers with me...which is so nice but I have to admit, even with the hefty price, there is very little content in them. Rather ridiculous actually!

  7. Our fall sturdy started last night. I facilitate and this time we are doing "When You Pray". I noticed some fall magazines in the store the other day and I would have loved to look at them, but I just walked on way I'm paying that much for a magazine! So glad you are still loving your job! Have a great day!

  8. I know...the price of magazines has certainly crept up in price! Those magazines are so pretty though. I'm so glad you are loving your job!

  9. Jennifer, that's terrible about your Bible study leaders all being sick! I hope you get to start back soon. It really is ridiculous how much they cost, right? I do sometimes pick up one a year...maybe, if it has lots of good content, but sometimes I don't even do that. I would much rather buy books!

  10. Cathy, that Bible study sounds amazing! I hope you all get a lot out of it, at the end of your study time. I am with you, my friend!

  11. Thanks, Jen! I know, they are pretty, aren't they? It's making me want one or two.


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