Tuesday, September 12, 2023

September things that I am loving


Happy Tuesday, friends! For all the reasons I've stated before, I love the month of September. Here's why:

I love that the mornings and evenings are cool. The days are perfect for porch sitting and/or swinging. 

I love all the seasonal things I am seeing while I'm out and about!

I love the smells right now. I definitely find myself leaning toward things that smell homey, with hints of apple, pumpkin spice, maple, and cinnamon. I have an entire cabinet that I keep my candles stored inside of in our kitchen, and I have been burning my fall scented candles for a few weeks now. I already bought more yesterday to replace the two I finished off in the last few days. 

I love all the seasonal items in grocery stores! I shopped at Aldi's yesterday, and treated us to a few. 

That's the candle scent I picked out, and the coffee is delicious, but not too strong. I realize the crackers aren't seasonal, but they're so good! I had some for an afternoon snack yesterday. 

I love that it's my favorite time of year to watch tv, so bring on all the Gilmore Girls, Virgin River, and Hallmark falling into love movies that I can take. 

I know many of you feel the same as I do about this month and season! What's something specific you're loving right this moment? I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. I agree on everything you said but now I just need more down time to enjoy it. I started dinner later yesterday and that gave me some more patio time after school. I will figure this out.

    What did you think of Aldi? It is frustrating that you can't get everything there. I did a big shop there on Thursday and then did a few Kroger things on Sunday that are specific to Kroger. I think the savings might be worth it. The store is small and manageable. I am still learning products that my family likes and how to shop there, so I guess I am giving it a chance. Tom doesn't like their milk I just found out. We loved their mac and cheese - Jack commented on it, which he rarely does.

  2. Although summer is my favorite, I love so many things about fall too and feel the same way as you-so much beauty to be seen and enjoyed!

  3. It's still not too Fall-ish here in Texas, but I am loving the shift in the atmosphere that happens around this time each year. Even though most days are still very warm by the afternoon, the mornings are starting out a little cooler, which puts a touch of Fall in the air. Everyone seems happier when the season starts to change and I love that feeling that starts to lead into the holidays.

    For some reason, I'm not loving any of my candles right now. I need to find a few really good quality ones.

  4. I know you'll get it figured out as you adjust to your routine and schedule again, Amy. How long does it usually take you to get back into a groove? I'm just curious and know it's different for everyone. This has definitely been a memorable start to year 31!

    I did like the things that I bought at Aldi's, but like you said, it's irritating that you can't get everything there. I would say their produce, meats, cheeses, and seasonal items are what puts them over the top. I bought a few types of cheese for us to snack on this week, some shaved angus steak and potatoes for us to have one night, drinks, snacks, and a maybe one or two other things. I always like what I buy, but for this reason, I'm not a repeat shopper. It did feel very much like a Trader Joe's, which is cool...but much cheaper. I'm always up in the air about when I'll go back!

  5. Holly, I know you're always sad to see the end of summer! But there is so much beauty in every season, just like you said. I try to enjoy each season, honestly, and I feel like I do! But fall has always been my favorite.

  6. Debbie, it's those cooler mornings that are wonderful! You're right about how everyone seems nicer when the season starts to change. I love that about this time of year! I know what you mean about candles and go through spells like that with the ones I have. One of my favorites will always be Yankee candles; they're pricey, but they last forever! They have wonderful fall scents. I also love the DW Home brand from HomeGoods. The smell of both fill up the home!

  7. Oh yes! Those are all my favorite scents too; anything cinnamon-y that makes the house smell like baked goods is a huge hit. But I'm equally happy with apple, maple, pumpkin, etc.

  8. How is the Aldi candle? I am loving that the heat is lifting and the patio is nice in the mornings and evenings. It helps that we have a ceiling fan out there!

  9. Joanne, yes! I love the house to smell like baked goods.

  10. Tanya, that is so nice for y'all! I can't imagine how much the cooler temps are needed as some relief. I know summer is brutal for you!

  11. October is my favorite month, but Sept. is great too. I'm glad we are actually having cooler weather...and I put out my fall decor, so I'm definitely ready for fall!

  12. Jen, SAME! The later it gets, the more I love this time of year. I always pull my things out at the beginning of September, since it's officially the month that ushers in my favorite season.


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