Thursday, September 7, 2023

thankful Thursday


Happy Thursday, friends! Better late than never with the blog post today, right? When I came home from church last night, I was BEAT. I came in and sat down for a snack, then I showered and went to bed. Wednesdays are long and yesterday was jam packed. That being said, because of today, I would be remiss if I didn't share some things I'm thankful for today.

My husband tops the list, because he saved me at work this morning. I accidentally locked some keys into a locked drawer at work last night, and we didn't know what to do. My friend who I'm taking over for had never done that, and as far as she knew, there was only one key, which was locked in the drawer. Todd went there this morning, and together with the man who heads the maintenance department, they got the drawer open. 

I'm so thankful for really sweet coworkers! The moment was frustrating leading up to that, but as a team, they got it figured out. All of this went on before I even got there. I was getting dressed as Todd was leaving to go there, and by the time I was there, it had been retrieved. The takeaway is that there will no longer be just one key. I will have one, and there will be another one hidden in a secure location. Everyone was so sweet to me about this, even though I was pretty irritated with myself. Even one man who has the reputation of being a bit uptight about such things encouraged me when came in for something. 

We've all heard the saying of how you can tell what's inside a person by how they react in frustrating moments. Today made me think of that, as I humbly talked to everyone involved in helping me, and as I told them "thank you". I love that this is something we talk about in staff meetings, and that we're encouraged to extend grace time and again. Grace upon grace, I always say. I would say that this advice is for us in our work places, while we're out and about, and especially within our homes. That seems to be the place that we most let down our guard, and we can really unleash on those we love the most. I'm speaking to myself here, because today was a good reminder for me. I always figure that if it's something I need to hear, chances are, someone else needs to hear it was well. 

I am sure you can relate to some of this. Thanks for reading my blog (late) today, friends. Love to all! 


  1. I get in a hurry and do things like this sometimes and get very mad at myself - example - pulling my hamstring because I was in a hurry and didn't see the water on the floor.
    I have been noticing kids this year picking things up on the floor without being asked, helping each other with the door, with something they drop, and just doing little acts of kindness. Even though I'm in a public school, we teach character and kindness and how to move through the world together as a team. I always try to notice these things and say something. We tend to only hear the bad about teens and there is so much more good!
    I hope you have a great Friday with your dad and I think your new job allows for you to still do this the same way?
    Happy weekend, too!

  2. Your hubby is the sweetest and you make a great team!

  3. Amy, yes! That was how I felt- very rushed and a bit frazzled. I also had a weird thing happen with someone who came in and would not stop talking to me, I mean like for 20 minutes. I noticed that one of the pastors came in and got him away and started talking to him instead. I like that there are a couple of people who are always close by me for things like that- one of them is a staff person, and the other is a security guard.

    I love those random acts of kindness that you're seeing in school! I know that thrills you to see, as a teacher.


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