Thursday, October 19, 2023

favorite fall outfits & Thursday Fashion Files


Happy Thursday, friends! In honor of the amazing weather we've been having, I thought I'd share a blog post about the things I'm wearing and loving lately. There's a link party for this same kind of topic today, so I'm linking up with Jill and Kellyann for today's blog post. 

I'll start with last week! I wore this to work last Thursday, because it was still pretty warm here. These are my favorite and most comfortable pair of pants that I own. They're the New York & Co brand, and I think they came from Marshall's years ago. They've held up extremely well! I wear these when I need to be really comfy for long days, because they are so soft. You will also notice that I always wear comfortable shoes, because I walk a lot on the longer days when I'm at work. Our floors are concrete underneath carpet, so I have to wear something that feels good on. I don't do a lot of sitting when I'm there. 

This was an outfit I wore while I was in Colorado. These are the palazzo pants that I recently bought on Amazon. I should have sized down one size in them, because they ended up growing as the day went on. Sadly, I got something on these the same day I this picture was taken. I need to wash them again after I treat the fabric to see if I can get it out. 

Here's the same top up close with a cute necklace. I wore this when I went out recently. 

When I worked on Tuesday of this week, I wore the jeans in the picture above with this favorite polka dot sweater from Target. I love the colors in this sweater, and that it's thin enough that I don't get hot. It's kind of hard to tell, but the sweater is a mocha color and the dots are a pale pink. I love those colors together!

I wore this to work yesterday. It was another long day for me, so I needed to be comfortable again. I consider a day long when I have to stay dressed for over twelve hours. I am the kind of person who loves to be home and comfy by five p.m.! I have had this flannel top for years and years. It's from Cato, and sometimes I wear it with an olive colored poncho, a navy poncho, or a brown vest. I dress it according to the temperature outside, and yesterday it started cold but warmed up to seventy. I did roll the sleeves down when I got cold, but it's got a cute button and flap detail for when I want to keep them pushed up. I have a friend who told me that when you keep long sleeves pushed up to your elbows, it gives you the appearance of being thinner and/or taller. 

Also, please note that it's been almost a year since I bought this purse with my birthday money, and I've not stopped carrying it yet. I love it so much because it's neutral and goes with everything! 

And lastly, this is what I love to put on when I'm at home for the evening. I love being comfortable and cozy at home, and for me, that means that I love hooded sweatshirts. This is one I bought from Kohl's last year for my birthday, but I also have a gray one that says: This is my Hallmark Christmas movie watching sweatshirt. And it is! It's thicker, so I save it for when it's really cold outside. 

I really embrace the neutral and earth tone colors when it's fall. I only dress like this from the day the season switches from summer to fall, and up until the day of Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving is when I embrace the color in my closet again, and I wear something Christmasy every single day from that Friday until the 25th. It's the only time of year that I like to shine and sparkle, so this means reds, jewel tones, and even bright lip colors! I am all about being seasonal and embracing the season I'm enjoying. I'm going to be the tackiest old lady when I grow up! 🤣 My son Graham used to have a teacher that had a sweater vest for everyday of the year. Her closet was super organized; she had the vests in clear containers that were labeled, and she had a three ring binder to keep up with them all so that she never wore the same one twice in a year. I want to be like that! I'm kidding...I really don't, but I love me some Christmas jewelry and tops. You'll see what I'm talking about once Thanksgiving is over. You should definitely stick around! 

Also, I did go out more than what these outfits suggest, but I'm not used to taking pictures each day, so I'm trying to get back into the habit. Are you at all like me in how you dress according to the time of year? This is part of why I get excited about each season! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all!


  1. Sorry about the stain on the new pant. Try Dawn dishsoap! Then, maybe wash on hot and dry and they will shrink a bit to fit better?
    I love how you dress and that you stay true to yourself. I am similar in that I wear all fall colors with a few exceptions and then I tire of it and do all the plaids and more black and red and wine color.

  2. Amy, I am going to try the Dawn dish soap. That's my "secret" trick! I hope it works, because I've already washed them once in hot water. Fingers crossed! Thanks for that, friend. I figure there's no sense in trying to be someone different and pretending! Also, did you notice that I have to always be comfortable? I've been like this since I was a little girl! My mom will attest to this. I know it probably drove her bonkers!

  3. I can totally relate to clothes growing as you wear them - ugh! Too bad about the stain, I hope it comes out. That said, I think the pants look cute on you.

    And I am with you, I want to be home by 5pm too and I like to be in my pjs by 7:30!
    Thanks for linking up with us Jennifer!

  4. Sorry about the stain but the pants look adorable on you! Lovin your outfits-thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks, Kellyann! This is a fun link party- thanks for hosting!

  6. Such cute outfits and I love your hair! My straight hair is envious of those curls lol!

  7. Great outfits! Can't wait to see your December fashion.

  8. Jennifer, you are so cute, comfy, and stylin' in these outfits!

  9. Mireille, thank you so much! You made me laugh. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  10. Thanks, Pamela! I can't wait to share them!

  11. I love your fashion style and dressing according to the season and holidays!

  12. Hello! I absolutely love your sense of style! Thank you for this post. I love getting ideas from people who know much more about fashion than I do! I am also a seasonal dresser! All the red, green, white, and gold come out the day after Thanksgiving. I am a cozy-at-home girl, too. During the early darkness of December, I have been known to be in my jammies by 5:00! I hope you have a cozy weekend, my new friend.


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