Monday, October 13, 2008

Good News!

Two things real quick: one, Todd's appointment went well today. The doctor did see one small polyp, but he seemed unconcerned about it. He also saw a little inflammation in his stomach, and took a sample to biopsy the area. We should hear something by Wednesday afternoon, probably. I confident that MY GOD is taking care of that for us. I have complete and total faith that all is normal. A sort of praise the Lord: the doctor said that he thinks that Todd has a condition called Atrophic Gastritis, and I probably butchered spelling that. My spell check says so. This condition is what caused the tumor last year, and probably the inflammation as well. I asked what he wanted to do about it, or if he could do anything, and he said there's not a lot to do~he just has to be checked out each year. Again, I have faith that my God is going to heal this.

One more real quick thing...I made it home from driving that crazy trailer! My palms sweated (sp? ed?) the WHOLE way home, I kid you not. I had to get onto to two interstates, merge across major lanes of traffic twice, pulled over to get gas, and parked at Costco. Whew. I'm exhausted. Todd said I drove like a champ, but let me tell you, that thing is LONG. No joke. Well, that's all for now...I'm going to start preparing for our day away from home you all, and thanks for praying.

P.S. My amazing photographer friend Jerry, took this picture of Noah at our outdoor service last night. As you can tell by the face, he's making some sort of obnoxious noise. And he has the ever present dirty mouth. Probably from whatever chocolate he found. It's a great picture, though, isn't it??

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