Monday, May 12, 2014

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Noah.  :)  I thought I would start a series about my kids, individually, so that in case you don't know them already, you will by the time I've talked about them all.  Wow...that might have been a run-on sentence.

I will start with Noah, because as I write this, we are home alone.  Todd came home to take Graham to work (I am under strict orders and am still unable to go anywhere or drive.), and Drew and Jonah went with them.  They'll stay in that part of town until seven, when Graham gets off.  Noah wanted to stay home with me so he could play outside with his buddies.  He's such a great kid; he's always thinking of others.


loves to climb. This picture was taken on his and Jonah's birthday.

takes his time.  He does not get in a hurry for anyone or anything.  He's always the last one to finish dinner.

has always loved animals.  If we're out and there's a dog around, he's always the first one to go ask the owner if he can pet the animal.

has such a tender heart!  I love all my kids equally, but this boy is so kind and caring.  Every time they buy me a card, I get three funny ones and one sweet one.  The sweet one is always from Noah.

has the most ticklish hands and feet.  Cutting his nails, ever since he was a baby, has always been a struggle!  I was relieved when he was able to do this task by himself, because he doesn't squirm when he does it.

is a homebody.  The other boys are always wanting to go with Todd everywhere he goes, but Noah likes to stay home with me.

was always the one to cry when I left him in the nursery or on his first day of public school.  And when Noah started crying, it started a chain reaction and Jonah and I would follow soon after.

is very considerate of others.  He will be the one who will wait with the last person on the bike ride, he will give something up so one of his friends won't be left out.

loves to cook.  He's just discovered his independence in the kitchen, since I've had surgery.  Just now, he put some cookies in the oven all by himself.

is my last child.  They say the baby of the family is always so different, and he is.  I couldn't love anybody more.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my sweet boy.

This was the bear he gave me a few weeks ago.

This is our view right now.  We're hanging out watching Kung Fu Panda together.  Don't you love the cards on my mantle?  They're going to be in that spot for several days.  

Crash is taking a nap with him.  :)

And Noah, if you read this someday, I pray that you always know that...

By the Lord, your dad, me, your brothers, and everyone who meets you.  

Thanks for reading about my sweet Noah.  Love to all.  

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