Wednesday, July 29, 2015

road trip

We used to have the greatest neighbors in all of the world.  We've spent lots of time with them over the years, swimming with them, grilling out with them, watching movies (Katie and me), studying the Bible (Katie and me again), we've even gone on several camping trips with them.  

And then, when school let out in May, they moved.  I do not even want to talk about how hard I cried.  I couldn't even say goodbye to them, and Katie doesn't like goodbyes, so they just quietly left.  

A few weeks ago, Jonah and Noah were talking to me about them, and how much they missed them and their nephews, who were around the ages of Jonah, Noah and Alex.  On this day, they asked if they could call Myles and talk to him and Zander.  And then I invited ourselves there for a visit.  

Today is the day we leave!  

We're staying with them tonight and tomorrow night, and we'll be home on Friday.  While we're gone, Graham and Drew are staying here.  Todd will be here at night and tonight and part of tomorrow they'll be at a friend's house, so I know they'll be fine.  

I woke up extra early this morning to read my Bible (I've been reading in Acts lately) and to paint my fingernails (priorities, people) and to start another couple of loads of laundry.  My goal is to eat some grilled sandwiches around ten thirty, and to leave right after that.  It should take us about three and a half hours to get there.  I'm really excited!  I have so missed these sweet friends.  

This was me enjoying the quiet early this morning.  I won't be around on the blog until the weekend, so I hope the rest of your week is great.  Love to all. 

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