Wednesday, June 1, 2016

summery traditions

Today's pictures are brought to you by the counselors at The Crossings camp in Kentucky.  They are also completely unrelated to this blog post.

Look at those two cuties in the blue and red Nike shirts.  I don't know what they were doing in this, but they used a lot of foil and they're all having an amazing time.

Also, on Monday night, Abbey sent me this picture of her and my hubby.

I miss them.

Now, onto the rest of this blog post.

My in-love's have a great neighborhood pool near them.  We don't really have a ton of places to swim, a place that I can invite ourselves, but we always have Mimi's pool.

This was around a year ago.  It's nice as long as there aren't too many people in it and as long as it doesn't feel like bathwater.  The only unfortunate thing is that by July, it does feel like bathwater.  We like our water nice and cool.  But yesterday, it was only her and me swimming.  With the younger two gone, and since Graham and Drew are driving nowadays, they decided to not come with me.

So we had a lovely two hours to ourselves in the pool, and then another hour poolside in the shade.

It's funny how we NEVER seem to run out of things to talk about, and it was nice being able to give each other our undivided attention.  Phyllis and I have a really great relationship, and I am so thankful for her.

And then afterward, we went to her house and I took a nap.  Because teenage girls the night before.  And little sleep.  Graham and Drew met us at her house with their friend Andrew, and we made plans to eat at CiCi's Pizza.  But before dinner...

...they had to play a quick game of Candy Land.  Because you are NEVER too old to play this game.

It was a fun day!

We came home after this and they went to hang out with friends until close to eleven.  I read and listened to Elevation Worship on YouTube for three hours.  (Our television isn't working right now, in case I forgot to mention that.)

I finally went to bed when they got home and slept peacefully all night.

Today?  I'm staying home and working to prepare for our upcoming mission trip to the Navajo reservation in Arizona, then I have choir practice tonight at church.

Love to all!

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