Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Life Lately

Happy Wednesday!  For those who live near me, I know of some students (and parents) who are thankful to have made it to the halfway point of the first week of being back at school.

I've been asked when we will start back, and my answer is next week.  We have so many kids in and out of our house all summer, that when school starts, I like to take a week and just get my house back in order.  I like having the private time, too, and usually spend this particular week making changes to our curriculum, or ordering it, or organizing the school shelves.  We also enjoy this downtime together, or at least, I think they do.

Here's a little of what this week has looked like.

On Monday, I did a little laundry and the boys all went separate ways.  Jonah went to work with Todd, but Graham, Drew, Noah and their friend all went to lunch together.  (This was after Drew gave blood for the first time ever.)

On the way home from lunch, Graham's Bronco broke down three times.  THREE.  It was harrowing for a while on my end, I won't lie and never have I prayed so specifically.  They made it home and changed clothes, then we had to go to a very sad funeral.

It's not mine to talk about, though, so out of respect for the family's privacy, I won't talk about that on here or on any other form of social media.

We came back home for a few minutes then left to go to my mom's for dinner.  My sister Lisa has been in town from Colorado, but she has been so busy with helping her son get settled into a new home he just bought, that the only time I saw her was Monday night.  It was a great night, and I am thankful for the few hours I had with her.

I took this picture at Mom's.

When Mom and Bill went to Hawaii several years ago, Mom brought back a stick of plumeria.  Look at what it has blossomed into!  As pretty as it is, you should smell it.  It smells like the tropics.

Yesterday I was going to clean the house, but I read my book all day long.  I was also going to go to bible study last night, but because every night this week involves me not being at home, I decided to miss it and kept reading.  (I finally had to go to bed, and finished the book this morning.)  

Also, yesterday was the forty seventh anniversary of these two lovebirds.

This picture was taken months ago at CiCi's pizza.  #goals

They celebrated by eating dinner out at Ruth's Chris Steak House.  Yum!  

I shared this square on social media, because I was asked to, and because I am so excited for this study.

Truth.  I am so awed by how the Lord continually pursues me.  Never have I felt so loved, as I do when I think about what He did for me on the cross.  My job, then, is to love HIM and to love others and to share His good news with everyone that I can.  

Today I am doing more laundry (as always) and we're all getting around to doing a little light cleaning.  Drew is working today, and the rest of the boys are about to go to the church to do some work in the youth area.  I am joining them at noon, not to work with them, but to join my friend Lori in cleaning out the youth kitchen.  

I hope your day is great.  Love to all.  

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