Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas with my in-love's & a couple other things

Every year for about six or seven years now, when we celebrate Christmas with my in-love's, we pick a day before Christmas eve and we have Christmas with them all day.  This is a GENIUS idea and one I plan to implement when my boys start marrying and having their own families.

Today is that day for us, and there is such excitement for everyone involved!

The boys started the tradition of spending the night over there on the eve of this day, and their cousins used to stay as well, but they don't anymore.  My boys will NEVER be too old to spend a night with Mimi and Papa, however, and I love this about them.  I'll do a post on that someday, on all the things they still do at Mimi's house, even though they're all teenagers, but for now, I'll continue with this post.

We always go early and we stay until dinner time or right after dinner.  Usually by then Todd's brother and his wife and kids leave as well, and we do the same.  We eat, we laugh, we open gifts, we nap, Todd and Tim ALWAYS go out for something and bring back Starbucks to all of us, and we just relax after the mess of all the presents.

It's always a magical day.

The boys open up stockings early in the morning and we get ours as soon as we get there.  Every other year we've had a traditional meal, but this year, we're having finger type foods.

I am excited about our day and need to go get dressed, speaking of, bur first, here are the couple other things I mentioned in the title.

I mentioned on Tuesday night, that I went to see this movie.

I heard that it's opening everywhere on Christmas day!  Go see it!  It was amazing.  It's a musical, though, so if that's not you're thing, you'll hate it.

And lastly, all of Graham's Guatemala tee shirts came in!  He'll be delivering them all tomorrow, and shipping three today.

Love to all.

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