Tuesday, June 12, 2018

update from the last post I wrote and some simply Tuesday things

I told you about things I was praying for the last time I wrote.  I thought I would update on a few of them.

My sister Lisa is still in pain, but she is still better off than she was before the second surgery.  I talked to her on Saturday, and the recovery is just slow going.  She has had a really rough past year or so, with all this stuff going on.  Bless her.  She keeps going to the doctor every few days to be checked out. 

We attended a crawfish boil Saturday night for my nephew Tyler, who is getting married in September.  I know she hated she couldn't be there, but we took pictures for her so she could see, and they Face-Timed her while they opened gifts.

Also, it's hard to pass up a photo booth.

This is Trish and me.  It was fun.  It was also hotter than blue blazes outside and I needed a shower the second I got home.

I also wrote about our friends who are missionaries in Cameroon (Africa), Tim and Jenny, about the fact that their Visas are expiring and they had applied for residency.  (They were denied the first time and the paperwork didn't go through fast enough when they appealed that decision.)  So, at the recommendation of the people they also deal with here in the U.S., they are flying back here today.  Not HERE, here, but back to the U.S. 

They have peace about it and are trusting God that He will get them back there by August. 

I told you about several people I know who are on mission trips right now, and I don't really have an update from them, but I'm still praying for them.  One such young man I know of who is in India right now, wrote about a wreck he saw there over the weekend, and the carnage that he saw pertaining to it that greatly disturbed him.  He knows that so many of the people in India do not know anything about Jesus, and most likely, it was the case for the deceased person that he saw. 

I have talked to my Drew twice now, and a few times over texting.  I talked to him Friday night when he had gotten settled into the hotel room in Amarillo, and then I talked to him Sunday night.  I just wanted to hear his voice.  They're going on day two of bible school now, and I praying that they have a great amount of people turn up for it, and that he gets to see one of kids he loves so much.  He hasn't seen her yet, but is hoping and thinking that today will be the day. 

Side note here: today it is supposed to reach ninety nine degrees where he is.  I am praying for all of them, that they are drinking plenty of water and Gatorade. 

I think that's about all I wrote about last week. 

On another note, we had a good weekend.  It was somewhat weird, because my husband worked an all-nighter shift with the sheriff's department, so it feels like it was fragmented.  We had the crawfish boil Saturday night and on Sunday, we were all in different places.  We had a worship night at church, so Todd was there all day, and then the boys were there until later that night. 

I woke up feeling sick yesterday, and I THINK I'm better, but it's kinda early still, so I'm not sure.  I had plans for today, though, so we are sticking with them.  I have a few errands to run first, then we will continue on with our day.  Yesterday I did about five loads of laundry, and I'm still not finished.  I'll do that this morning before we leave. 

I miss the days when we were all together, all the time.  These days are so strange to me, because we're always spread out, but I know it's just part of life and them growing up.  I hope I treasured those days while I had them.  I think I did.  I hope the boys would say that I did.  Babies don't keep, that is one thing I am sure of. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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