Thursday, August 30, 2018

some things I've loved on the interwebs this week

I thought I'd share some things I've been watching/listening to this week, that I have either listened to for a while, or that I've recently found that I love.  Two of my favorite things are good messages from teachers/speakers that I respect and admire (when they're talking about Jesus) and some good praise and worship music. 

Here goes.

First up is my current favorite song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle choir.  We learned this last weekend at our choir rehearsal camp, and I have listened to it on repeat ever since.  Also, I am completely unable to get through this entire song without crying.  The Lord is so good, my friends, and He has been so kind, compassionate, and faithful to my family.  Listen to these words.

Next up is this sermon by Francis Chan.  It has forever changed my prayer life.  No longer do I pray, the old, normal way.  I pray for my friends, my family, and others I know of who are lost this way now.  It's a half hour, so if you have anytime at all to spare, listen to this. 

I've mentioned how much I love Instagram.  It's because I follow people like Dave and Ashley Willis, who post things like this image you see above.  If I'm going to spend time on social media, I want to be encouraged, uplifted, and inspired in my prayer life and in my walk with the Lord.  And y'all.  This is solid marriage advice.

I know this in my heart, this saying above, but life is hard, and when you throw in being exhausted or sick, I get so grumpy.  In times when I'm like that, is when I forget that we're a team.  Todd and I are different people, and we have differing approaches sometimes, but rather than fight, I need to remember this.  Sometimes I forget.  I need to remind myself to pray this every single day.  Being married is not easy, but when I see things like this, it helps me to be a better version of what God intended for me to be as a wife. 

I'll add one more thing about this topic above, and that is that as wives, we must submit both to God and to our husbands.  The Lord intended for the man to be the head of the home, as our protective covering, and the spiritual leader.  God will hold him accountable for this someday.  Wives are not intended to "wear the pants" in the family, and if that is something you struggle with like I do from time to time, pray!  Ask God to help you in this.  I pray that all the time, and I promise, He always helps me.

Moving on. 

Here's my other favorite song by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

Even my son Jonah loves this song.  It's so good!  We've been singing this for a while in church, a couple of months at the least, and every time I sing it, I love it even more.

Switching musical gears, I also walk around singing this song all the time.  The words say, "Fear, he is a liar."  But I take them as satan is a liar.  (Little s on that ugly name intended.  As one of my favorite bible teachers says, he doesn't deserve a capital letter before his name.)

One more: this version of Be Thou My Vision by Audrey Assad.

Well, I have several things to do today, so because of that, I'll stop with these things.  Thanks for reading my blog!  Love to all. 

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