Monday, September 17, 2018

a wedding weekend

We have been looking forward to this weekend since Tyler proposed to Terri several months ago.  I think it was about this time last year that he proposed, or maybe it was October or November, but the day arrived, and family poured into town for the joyous occasion.  And then, as fast as it approached, they started leaving town again, or are leaving today to resume their normal lives.  It was a whirlwind of a weekend.

Our celebrating began Thursday night, when everyone arrived.  Mom and Bill made a giant Thanksgiving style dinner, since we are never all in town together during the holidays.  Here were all the grandkids.

They're in birth order from left to right.  Jaret, Erika, Tyler, Devin, Austin, Graham, Nicole, Drew, Jonah, and Noah.

Handsome, sweet Austin.  We never get our picture made together! 

I got some sweet baby girl sugars, but I only got a picture made with Kinsley. 

Friday dawned, and it was a normal day, until that afternoon when we joined in the festivities at the rehearsal.  We didn't have to be there, I just wanted to go and be with family.

Kinsley and Kylie, Terri and Tyler. 

This is a gorgeous old home on the property at Heartwood Hall.  The inside was to die for beautiful!  You can tell it's old, and the floors and stairs were all original, you could tell by just walking on them.  If you know me AT ALL, you know I love historic homes. 

After rehearsal we went to the dinner, here in Collierville. 

Sweet Tyler.  I love his awesome bear hugs.  Seriously, I'm a hugger, and he gives the greatest.  He was so nervous!  We were trying to give him some pointers to calm him down.  As funny and crazy as he is, he hates the thought of people paying close attention to him, and that was what was making him be on edge. 

Our dinner was delicious. 

The next day we had to be there at five for pictures, and let me just say this.  If any of my kids ever threaten to get married in an outdoor ceremony (unless it's seventy degrees or below), I will disown them.  It was hotter than Hades and if not for the awesome makeup I got from my niece who sells Limelife, all my makeup would have melted right off. 

I love the outdoors.  I do NOT love the outdoors if it's hot. 

I cannot even think of words for this picture.  My great nieces are beautiful!  They were the flower girls.  Their dresses were basically giant clouds of tulle, and they could barely walk.  (Their pretty mommy took this picture.)

Look how beautiful my sisters are!  Their dresses were amazing.  All of them!  The top one is Lisa on the left, and Debi, and then Trish is with Debi on the bottom one. 

Debi and me. 

My pretty mama and step dad walking down the aisle.  (Thank you, Debi, for these pictures!) 

The structure they stood in front of.  It was so pretty!

Running down the aisle....they were so tired, but they did so good.  Erika and Kyle are amazing parents and these girls are little angels.  Truly...I am not just saying that because I'm biased.  I'm a believer that kids take on the personalities of their parents, and you can tell they're disciplined because they are so well behaved.  They will go to anyone, and they rarely ever fuss, even when they're exhausted.  Also, know that I hardly ever compliment kids, because nowadays, well behaved kids are hard to find.  These girls are AMAZING.

They're married! 

The reception was was in a barn. 

The inside was decked out with candles and twinkling lights.

My favorite wedding date.  I will just let it be known that I love this man...even though he watched an entire football game on his phone at the wedding reception.  And maybe through a bit of the wedding.  I cracked up when my brother in law Mike told me he would sit be Todd.  I looked at them at one point while they were eating and just about choked.  They were just silently eating, watching the game together.  Two peas in a pod.

We stayed until the very end.  This was us sending them off for the night, and then yesterday morning they flew out for the honeymoon.  It was a beautiful weekend, and I thoroughly enjoyed being with our family.  We stayed and helped the family members load stuff into their cars, then we came home and crashed.  Yesterday was church day, so we were there at eight thirty, even though I felt like I'd been hit by a train, but thanks to the sound guy, he gave me some Aleve gelcaps and I was good to go for the day, pretty much.  Last night we had a night of praise, and then we went to Booya's to eat afterward, and then I slept peacefully until five a.m.

Well, if you made it this far, good job.  I love writing about events like this, because I have them forever to look back on.  You know that's why I write on this blog, it's partly for me to have all these wonderful memories.  I also try to write to encourage and to point others to Jesus.  He is so good, y'all, and I am thankful for this wonderful weekend, and for the fun memories that were made. 

Thanks for reading!  Love to all. 

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