Wednesday, July 3, 2019

changes and such

Happy Wednesday!  I have grand plans today.  (Not really.)  Tonight is the annual night of fireworks in our little town.  This is also known as my stepdad's favorite holiday.  ;)  My dad and I were talking last week, though, about how I have never been a fan of them.  They make me nervous and always have.  Add to that the year Drew stepped on a sparkler and got a second degree burn on the bottom of his foot, and well, there you have it.  

The boys always like to walk over to the park across the street from the neighborhood we live in with their friends, and we let their friends use our driveway to park in.  Todd usually walks over there with them as well, and I did for a few years, but truthfully, I'm happy to just watch from my driveway.  Last year I didn't even go outside.  I know, I know, all this makes me sound ancient, but that's okay.  

Speaking of friends and friend groups, our youngest boys have been hanging with a different crowd lately, and I never thought that would happen.  They like to stay in their comfort zones regarding friends, and I'm so proud of them for branching out.  And lately, they've been with a lot of girls, which Todd and I are thinking to ourselves, "FINALLY!".  Noah brought over one girl last night so that we could meet her, since they've recently moved back here.  They're always together, so we both wanted him to bring her back here.  He met her parents a couple of weeks ago.  Call me crazy, but they're loving the freedom that having their driver's licenses brings.  They're gone after dinner, usually, and home again by curfew.  We're fine with it all, as long as they keep us updated on where they are.  All afternoon yesterday and into the night, they swam together with all these friends and ended up at one of the girl's grandparents house.  Jonah was in his happy place, because they had some pretty old and antique cars.  

This week, Drew's schedule at work is from six thirty a.m. to three thirty p.m. everyday.  That being said, I've been up by about five thirty each morning, and enjoying my coffee downstairs fifteen minutes later.  It hit me this week, while I was sitting there, that I needed to get back to having my quiet time first thing each morning.  A friend on social media always says that we should put the Word (of God) before the world.  Rather than get up and grab my actual bible, I opened up the bible app on my phone and read from there.  And I've been doing that every morning since.  I used to do this every morning, putting the Word before the world, but then Chip came into our lives.  

I also love the app, because I can highlight the verses and even turn them into images.  Which is where I got the two I've shared so far this week.

Today I finished the book of Romans, so tomorrow it's on to 1st Corinthians. 

Do y'all listen to podcasts?  If so, share them with me!  I do enjoy listening to them from time to time, preferably something clean and uplifting, or at least funny.  As I'm writing this, I'm listening to a couple of my favorite bloggers and authors, both of whom I've met with my best friend at my side, Melanie Shankle and Sophie Hudson.  They have a monthly podcast, The Big Boo Cast, and you can click HERE to listen.  

This particular one hits a chord with me, because they're talking about how our summer days with our kids at the pool ended way before we realized that would happen.  Time really does fly, and once they hit a certain age and start making their own plans, they no longer like to swim with Mama and the friends you choose for them.  I realized this two or three summers ago, when it just started being my mom in love and me swimming at her neighborhood pool.  #babiesdontkeep

Speaking of friends you choose for them, I love this picture above.  This was from four years ago when they went on a mission trip to the Navajo reservation.  This was such a fun thing to do with friends.  

I read this yesterday.  It was good.  Out of five stars, I would give it three.  It reminded me so much of Army Wives, but wasn't quite as good.  And that makes me miss the actual show, Army Wives.  I hate that Netflix removed it from their list of shows.  It's one that I would watch every so often, because I have always been fascinated by military life.  Also, as of last night and two days into July, I've finished two books, so I'm confident July will be a better reading month for me.  After I finished this one and wrote it down in my reading journal, I picked up another library book I got on Saturday, Courting Mr. Emerson by Melody Carlson.  I love all of her books, and she is considered a Christian fiction writer.  I'll read more today, when I go to my dad's house with Noah, to visit, while Noah cuts his grass for him.  

Well, I really should go do some laundry now, I suppose.  It's been a couple of days, and I prefer to do it in the morning hours, rather than later.  I hope y'all have a great day and holiday!  I'm looking forward to our tomorrow at the lake.  I'm thankful for friends that let us join in their fun.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.  

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