Tuesday, April 21, 2020

These Are the Days

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I never want to forget these days and times~the days of squeezing around our dinner table, of hearing the laughter upstairs, of the endless meals here together, of all the things we got accomplished.  Well, them, not me so much.

Before we blink, it'll be life back to normal.  I want to remember Jonah not being able to sleep one night and staying up until four a.m. watching YouTube videos on how to build garage shelving.  I want to remember how much Todd and I laughed our heads off at the dumbest of things, and how we marveled at how weird and hilarious our dogs are.

I want to remember Zoom meetings and the day I hid in my car so nobody would find me and I could have peace and quiet.  And then, when Drew found me and asked me what in the world I was doing, I couldn't contain my laughter.  I want to remember how I got "better" at Zoom and had to set up in my bedroom and close the door so nobody would interrupt, but how they still would pop their heads in and ask me what I was doing.

I want to remember how we dreamed up plans and then watched them come to life in the form of our new deck and the boys learning how to operate power tools, and me watching with bated breath, praying they didn't saw their own fingers off.  I want to remember that one week when they did the majority of the deck when we went from four loaves of bread down to just one half by the end of the fifth day of work.

I want to remember how it felt to check on people and picking up the phone to call instead of to just text.  And the hours I spent on the phone with my mom, my best friend, my dad, my sisters.

I want to remember what I looked like, which is why I'm about to post this next picture~to document that day I remembered how to fully dress with makeup, cute clothes, and jewelry, and then how my earlobes turned all red and started throbbing because I hadn't worn earrings in so long.

I want to remember what my hair looked like, and how I considered growing out the blonde highlights and letting the new "natural" ones take over.  (They're gray.)

I want to remember the day we allowed our friend to come in and cut the boys hair, because she hadn't done that since they were little bitty and when Andy the Wonder Dog was still wandering about the house.

I want to remember all the great shows I watched.

I want to remember how anxious I felt when this first started, and how even though I was just about overcome with anxiety, I'd never felt so close to Jesus.  It's funny how that happens, when things are stripped away from you, and He is the only One who understood what I felt.  Other people think anxiety is nervousness, but it's way deeper than that.  I wasn't scared, and I'm still not, of getting this virus because I'm not scared to die.  I know that the moment I breathe my last breath here on earth, I will enter into my Forever Home in Heaven and will worship Jesus for all of infinity.

I want to remember all the church gatherings and teachings I watched online, and how all those godly women so inspired me in my own walk with the Lord.  I don't want that to end!

I want to remember to not ever buy things to hoard them, but to buy just enough for what we need and no more or less.  God is our Provider, and I literally would sit in my car and praise Him after I'd made a trip through the grocery store to replenish the meat we'd used up.  I never want to forget these days of extreme generosity that is so evident within my family and friendships.

I want to remember this feeling of closeness I have with my husband, and remembering that we're always on the same team, no matter what.  Even when we don't like each other too much because of all the togetherness, we love each other and our relationship has never been stronger.

This idea is not original with me.  Emily P. Freeman, founder of Hope Writers, came up with this writing prompt.  If ever there were a time to remember all of the present day things, it is now.  What do you want to remember about this time?  I'd love to hear.  Consider linking your blog up with mine to share about the things you want to remember in this time, and feel free to grab that image at the top of this post for your own blog.

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Thanks for reading, friends.  Love to all.  


  1. Loved reading this post! The same thing happened to me the other day when I put in earrings for the first time in weeks - LOL! Thanks for sharing what you want to remember about these times. We definitely need to be documenting all this craziness!

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I tried earrings on a couple of weeks ago, because I thought the holes in my ears had grown back together. They hadn't, but man! I couldn't wait to pull those suckers off when I got home on Tuesday! Take care!


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