Wednesday, July 13, 2022

a post of random things


Happy Wednesday, friends! This post is a whole lot of thoughts on nothing important.

So, yesterday and today are Prime day. What are you buying? I'd love to hear if you have something great to share, but so far I haven't been that impressed in my browsing. I guess I don't do a lot of buying there, unless it's something we need or a book that I purchase that I know I'll love. I've never been much of a shopper and though I do that more now since I'm older, it's still not my favorite. I'll buy what I need and just the bare minimum of things. I'm not a shoe person, a clothes person, a jewelry person or a knick-knack person. I am a book person and I love makeup, though I don't use anything expensive. I tend to stick with my favorites, but I feel I'm a relatively low maintenance person—except for when it comes to lipstick. I cleaned out our kitchen cabinets yesterday and YOU SHOULD SEE my collection of them. I have always loved lipstick/glosses.

I shared this on my Instagram story yesterday with this caption: "Tell me you're a middle aged woman without telling me you're a middle aged woman." This fan is my best friend and follows me everywhere, including the kitchen counter as I cooked our dinner last night. Todd just found it yesterday and he added some fresh batteries for me so that I can use it at my leisure. This was me having quiet time yesterday morning.

I mentioned cleaning out cabinets yesterday...I'll share some pictures with you now, for your viewing pleasure. (Such exciting blog content I'm sharing today!) My blog friend Jen is the one who has inspired me to do this. 

I call this our coffee cabinet, because it sits above the coffee area and holds things pertaining to my favorite drink. I also keep tea bags, sugar, insulated coffee cups, our coffee grinders, Nesquick, chocolate syrup (for chocolate milk) and Country Time lemonade mix there. It was a hot mess before I reorganized it yesterday. My kitchen was set up for me when we came to live here and this cabinet was reserved for coffee. I loved the idea and have kept it this way ever since. I'm all for convenience! 

There's a story about how we were moved into our house that I've been looking for about how my family surprised us by moving us in here...but I cannot find it anywhere. It's a cool story and I'll keep looking so that I can share it here for anyone who hasn't ever read it before.

I reorganized this cabinet that holds our plates, bowls and serving pieces. 

And we have this huge cabinet that holds all kinds of odds and ends of things that we need all the time. Our medicine is kept in here, because we don't have a hall or linen closet for that kind of thing. I used to call this the homework cabinet when the boys were little, because it's where we kept school supplies and other things they needed each night. It's funny how things transition as kids grow up—I've been going through this since I finished homeschooling when Jonah and Noah graduated last year. Things I keep in here now are medicine, pens and notepads, gift wrapping tools, extra candles, the dogs medicines and cups that we can't get rid of but don't use often. It feels good to have this project done, because all the areas pictured had gotten out of hand. I worked on this from 8:30 in the morning until 12:30. One area kept leading to another and before I knew it, I had a load to be dropped off at Goodwill. There are two other cabinets I need to reorganize this week, but those are cleaned out already, things have just gotten out of place, so it won't take long. 

I want to work on our closet soon. It's clean and organized, but there are so many clothes I have that I don't wear. I'll wait until next week for that, most likely. The last area will be two upstairs bookshelves. I can't decide what I want to do with those books, but I'm still leaning toward donating them. It feels so good to be productive and it makes me want to keep going. 

Thanks to a few of you who recommended things for us to eat for dinner yesterday! I always love reading and seeing your comments on things you eat for dinner. Don't we all get into major ruts with this?! I know I do and I feel like so often I just make the same things over and over again. It's hard to please a lot of people! I know when it's just Todd and I, it'll be so different.

I've been trying to keep away from television shows this week. I can go down such a rabbit hole with my favorite shows that I don't get things done. Instead of doing that, when I have time to sit, I'm picking up a book to read instead. I've not been reading as much the past month or two and I have so many books I want to read before summer's end. The one I'm reading right now is so good! My friend Joanne also shared that she read this book in June and she liked it as much as I do.

Well, friends, it's 9:00 on Tuesday night as I write this, so I'm going to end this riveting post on that last thing. All of a sudden my day caught up to me and I'm tired. Speaking of reading, I think that's what I'll go do now. I hope you have a great day today! Thanks again for your sweet words and suggestions. I appreciate them all and I love getting to know you through this community. As always, thanks for reading! Love to all. ❤


  1. We were of the same middle age mindset yesterday (well for me, minus the fan, lol). I organized a bunch of drawers in two bathrooms. It felt so good to purge and organize. I love the story of your house! I feel like you must have posted about it in the past two years because (I think?) that's how long I've been reading your blog and I know that I read about it. I must have forgotten (or maybe you didn't mention it) that your kitchen cupboards were filled and organized for you as well.

    I am with you on Amazon Prime. I looked at one list of items (I don't know if it was exhaustive or not. It was on a blog) and thought, "meh." The older I get, the less I am trying to accumulate. I have purchased gifts before on Prime Day. When I was organizing yesterday, I thought about purchasing some organizational baskets or bins but then I challenged myself to use items in the house that I already have for the project- plastic bins that I already own rather than going out or ordering new ones from Amazon. I found everything I needed at home. I'm sure I could have found great items and some that look better than what I came up with, but I am glad that I did not purchase anything for the project. I enjoyed seeing your pictures from your project. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day, friend!

  2. That fan is genius for cooking dinner! I have been getting so hot when I cook.
    I am the same with Prime Days. I ordered a couple of little things that had been sitting in my cart, but I'm over the hype of both this and the Nordstrom sale. My goodness! That being said, I am going to try to get a pair of Wit and Wisdom jeans on Friday when I can shop and it is my anniversary so there's my gift, Tom! Ha!
    I absolutely love lipsticks and glosses. They are just so fun and make you feel great. I love NYX Milky. Have you tried those yet?
    I have cleaned out my spices and my medicines so far this summer. I clean my closet like weekly because I let it get a little messy from time to time. I need to clean a few more areas, but I lack the motivation. Oh, I did do important papers yesterday. Papers are a whole other ball of wax. We really need a shredder.

  3. Maria, that's funny that you did the same thing yesterday. The summer really is the perfect time to do this, because there's less things we're committed to- teaching for some of you, leading small groups at my church for me. My whole downstairs has now been organized this summer, which is a huge undertaking. This includes all the kitchen areas, my laundry room cabinets, downstairs half bath, the dining room hutch and all the spaces in our living room- bookshelf, desk, end table with drawers.

    How great that you just used what you had on hand! I did the same thing. I'd love cabinets full of clear bins, but realistically it probably costs more than what I'm willing to spend. I'd prefer to use the money for my nails and getting my hair done three times a year. On the organizational bin note, have you seen that Walmart now carries The Home Edit line of bins and containers? If you ever do decide to buy some, it'll be worth looking into.

    I hope you have a great day!

  4. Amy, I thought it was a genius idea too! It was so nice having it beside me so the steam of what I was cooking didn't make me hot. We have a few of these fans, because we used to go camping a few times a year. I'm kind of over both as well. It's all I keep seeing on blogs and Instagram accounts I love. That's a great idea to buy yourself a gift!

    I love the NYX brand! I have several of those colors in different formulas. Papers are NO JOKE. I did shred a lot yesterday, so it was nice that we had one. Hey, maybe that's what you can buy on Prime day! 🤣 I am so over paper trails everywhere, and mail is a huge issue for us. It piles up so quickly and then I get tired of looking at it, so I put it somewhere more inconspicuous, and then we can't find what we need. It's an endless, frustrating cycle.

    I hope you have a great day!

  5. Well, I had not expected to buy one thing during the "Big Sale"...but, surprise surprise, we got several things - and I'm rather excited. We still have not finished our doorknob project (replacing all the doorknobs throughout the house). We have two out of three floors complete - but yesterday, we ordered the rest of the knobs. That project should be finished "soon." Hooray!! I also ordered a new light fixture and faucet for our half bath/powder room/whatever you call it. Just a spruce up - which I am also excited about. I have had these things in my cart for months...but they were on sale:) Who could resist!!? Your cabinets look great - super tidy, by the way!! Nothing better than a good reorganizing!!

  6. Jennifer- YAY for finishing projects! Even if it's "soon"! That is something we started once as well and gave up on. We waited so long that I don't like the finish of them anymore. Ha!

    That's awesome that those things in your cart were on sale. It wouldn't make sense to waste an opportunity, right? Thanks for that, friend! It feels so good to be productive and organized.

  7. I didn't really find anything on Amazon Prime Days either. I found a game my oldest wanted and will tuck that away for Christmas. That's it! Not a big shopper for clothes, jewelry, etc. like you said. I like my books too. :) Love seeing your cupboards and all you are doing!!

  8. After I wrote this, I ended up buying a purse, Bri! I surprised myself, but it's one I've had my eye on for at least two years. I have a big trip coming up in the fall that I will want a crossbody purse for, so I bit the bullet and made the purchase. I can't wait to see it when it gets here! The color of the purse is "nude", but I plan on using colorful straps I already own to make it more fun.

    That's great that you bought a gift! Thanks for that, my friend. I miss "talking" to you, so I hope you're all doing okay and enjoying the summer while it lasts! Take care!


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