Monday, July 18, 2022

weekending/Hello Monday -- shows/movies I'm currently watching


Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for this weekly blog post. How was your weekend? Mine was good, but I have zero pictures to share today. I'll make it short and sweet because of that. Everything is always so much more interesting with pictures, right? 

Dad came over on Friday. We went to get lunch and brought it back here to eat. Do any of you do that? Covid has made me not want to eat out much anymore. It's not because I'm afraid of it or think I'll catch anything, it's just that the service has changed. Most places around here are so short staffed now that it takes forever to order, get the food and pay the check. Add to that inflation and it just makes me want to stay home and cook or eat the leftovers from the previous week. I say that to say that even though I feel that way, we do often get food and bring it back here. Sometimes it's sushi, sometimes it's Chick Fil A.

I had dinner out with my friend Andrea that night. It was so good to see her! We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant that's nearby, La Perla Tapatia, then I had to run something to Drew at work in Memphis. She was sweet to ride with me. It was also good to see him for a couple of minutes! We went to a yogurt place after that and finished our night there. I was home a little early, considering it was a night out with one of my best friends. Usually when we're together, we're out late. 

On Saturday morning, I went out with my mom and sister, but we didn't have a lot to do and it was so hot that we were all a little miserable. It was still good to see them, but this heat is exhausting! I came home and took a short nap after our lunch, then that night Todd and I went out on a double date with our Graham and his girlfriend Jessi. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Perico's and had a yummy dinner. We were home after that and I read for the rest of the evening, finishing a book I'd been reading snice Friday. I was at church early on Sunday, then home for the rest of the day. Like I said, it was a good weekend, as normal as they come. 

I'm alone a lot, as most of you know and I love to watch movies or shows when I'm by myself. I've recently watched the show Below Deck/Sailing Yacht, which I loved. I went to watch the other seasons and it was terrible, so I had to stop watching. I love reality shows like that, though, and I never mind when there is drama thrown in. I've also recently watched Selling Sunset, though the language was terrible and I hated the way it ended. I watched The Summer I Turned Pretty on Prime tv and last night I watched the movie Along for the Ride on Netflix, which is a young adult type movie and clean. I love shows like Gilmore Girls, Friends, Grey's Anatomy (the early seasons), most of reality tv and things for young adults. Now that you know all of this, what are you watching that you think I would enjoy? I'd love to hear your suggestions! I feel like I've exhausted all the shows that I know and love. 

Thanks in advance! To wrap this up, I'll leave you with a cute picture my son sent me last night.

How cute are they? This is Graham with Jessi. I sincerely hope he doesn't see that I shared this. 🤣

How was your weekend? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Cute picture of Graham and Jessi! How fun that you went on a double date with them. I think your weekend sounds pretty great but I know what you mean about not having pictures. I also agree with you on so many things- we are not eating in restaurants as much as we used to. We get food to go a decent bit and I am always looking for dinners that are fairly healthy and don't take a lot of effort- semi homemade meals- for weekends. We always eat out on Saturday for dinner (even if we do takeout) and usually Sunday, too. I never watch TV on my own but my husband and I like to have a series to watch together. We just finished What/ If on Netflix. Renee Zellweger is in it. It was pretty good. We started The Terminal List with Chris Pratt last night. The first episode was very violent but I think (hope) that it will be the worst one in terms of violence. I hope you have a great Monday, friend. Did you get rain to cut the heat at all recently? We had rain all day yesterday which was amazing because we needed it and because the temp never rose higher than 73.

  2. I am so like you with things I like to watch! Your son is adorable! Sounds like a relaxing weekend :)

  3. Thanks, Maria! It was fun going out with them. We're enjoying getting to know her and it's fun to see him with her. It's strange how some things were so affected by covid. Restaurants have definitely taken a huge hit, which is so sad! So many of ours have closed down.

    Thanks for the show recs, I'll check those out! We have not had any rain, but supposedly it's raining today. Fingers crossed! We need it so badly.

  4. Thanks, Holly! I hope you have a great day!

  5. So cute! What a great weekend! I agree on the eating out. Mexican is a sure bet. How are they so stinking fast? But, many other restaurants like you said are struggling. I like to go at off times. I feel no shame going to dinner at 5!
    Ok - so tv - I just got sucked into a teen/early 20s show on Amazon Prime called The Hamptons. It's a bit annoying, but maybe it's because I work with teenagers that I learned from it? I am fascinated with the culture of the NYC set that goes to the Hamptons so I pressed play. Let me know what you think if you try it. I love all Below Decks, but some more than others. I absolutely love Gilmore Girls and watch one episode before bed most nights. Obsessed! So, I think we have similar tv taste.

  6. Amy- You're so right, Mexican restaurants are always faster than others! I haven't really thought of that until you said it. We ate early on Saturday night. We were there at 5:15 and we're like you- no shame in that! I'm pretty sure Graham laughed at us, but we bought their dinner, so he couldn't complain. I just saw that last night- The Hamptons and I'm fascinated by that lifestyle as well, so I'll watch it. Thank you! It does sound like we like the same kinds of shows. Have you watched The Summer I Turned Pretty yet? I just watched it again!

  7. I was just thinking the same thought as some others that Mexican is the best place to go out to eat these days it seems. Sometimes when I go to other places, I wish I could jump in and help out sometimes....crazy, I know.

    Have you watched Hart of Dixie? It is a cute show, but not sure where it is streamed these days.

    What a cute picture of your son!

    And yay for the rain to cool it off a few degrees for today!

  8. Sounds like a really nice weekend. Just enough of doing things and resting. Perfect!

  9. Sounds like a perfect weekend for included plenty of Mexican food!!:) Looking forward to a little Mexican myself tonight! Cute photo:)

  10. You're so cute, LOL... "I seriously hope he doesn't see that I shared this." Haha! What an adorable couple! I hope you had fun out to dinner with them over the weekend. That will be such a crazy, fun stage, when you can double date with your kids.

  11. Marilyn, I started watching that and Netflix took it off! I haven't seen it anywhere lately. Thanks, though!

  12. Thanks, Jennifer! You know it's my favorite...I hope yours was good tonight!

  13. Bri- it's so true! It is a really fun age. I could see you and Joe doing this kind of thing with your kids someday!


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