Monday, August 8, 2022

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Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for this weekly blog post. How was your weekend? Mine was really good. Today is the day that all the kids in our area go back to school—it's so hard to believe it's that time already! This day last year was such a strange day for me, the first year in ten years I didn't start school with one or two of my kids. Most of you know that we were a homeschooling family and it was surreal to be finished with that phase in our life. It seems like I wished for those days all too often, then once they started drawing to a close, I was trying to savor them. 

I started down the rabbit hole looking for first day of school pictures of them to share, but instead I'd like to re-share a post I wrote several years ago, when a "first day" didn't go quite as I'd planned. I feel strongly that I should share this today, in the season of it being back to school, in case any of you experience a first day that doesn't go quite like you'd planned. Here's a link for when your morning doesn't go as planned. I know a few of you here are teachers or substitutes and some of you still have school- aged kids at home. If that is you, know that I am praying for and thinking of you and your kids in the coming weeks as you get started in a new year. I am sure some of you are looking forward to a new year, as sure as I know some of you may be starting with a bit of trepidation. We prayed for all of you in our church services yesterday. 

On a lighter note, here's what I did this weekend. My dad was here on Friday and for once, we stayed here. It kept looking like it was about to rain, so I just made us a lunch and we enjoyed being here. I made us some mini tacos in the air fryer, along with black beans and rice. Sandy came to pick him up since she was here in town, then I changed into comfy clothes for the night. I had leftover spaghetti for dinner and watched Purple Hearts on Netflix, thanks to the suggestion of Amy

This was really good! Thanks for the recommendation, Amy! Todd worked that night and Graham left for Nashville for the weekend. Jonah was in and out, so it was just me and the pups here all night. I was actually up pretty late, because I wasn't tired early for once. I slept until 6:30 Saturday morning, which is kind of miraculous. I usually never sleep past the five o'clock hour in the mornings. I love to watch movies on Saturday mornings, so I grabbed some coffee and settled in to watch this on Netflix.

Have you read Love & Gelato? I haven't, but I wasn't at all impressed with the movie. I've been dragging my feet about taking the summer décor down—I plan on doing that this week, almost in time to put out the pumpkins. 🤣 I'm kidding...I don't put fall stuff out until September. 

I got dressed, then Mom and Trish came to pick me up. We had a few errands we wanted to run, so we all just did that together. We started at the farthest place, then worked our way back here. We had the best lunch, though! We went to the Olive Garden and had salad, breadsticks and toasted ravioli. My requested stop was my favorite boutique that we were just at last weekend, The Paisley Rooster. I'd seen a black cardigan-type thing and tank top that I couldn't stop thinking about all week, so I went to buy them both. Here's the cardigan-type thing...what are these called? I cannot think of a word for it.

I came home and took a shower so that I could wash my hair. I sat and watched Grey's Anatomy for the rest of the day. Todd went to a housewarming party for one of the deputies he often works with and stayed until about nine thirty. I had Buffalo chicken for dinner and enjoyed a quiet night at home. Graham got back home later that night and his baby girl was happy to see him.

I was at church bright and early Sunday morning because I was singing on praise team this week. Our service was so good yesterday! There was a lot going on in the service, which is something that is very encouraging. All the kids moving up to first grade this week got promoted out of the preschool ministry and into the children's ministry. It's so sweet seeing the stage full of kids, their parents and siblings as our church presents them with big kid Bibles. I love that about our church! We had four baptisms, then we sang a couple of songs. Our pastor preached on Psalm 34, which is one of my favorite chapters in that book. When I got home from church, I ate a sandwich, then watched our worship service on my phone. I almost always do that every week, because I love to hear how it sounds for the online people. That's the part that my husband is in charge of and he does a great job! 

That's always how I get these pictures. Can I be real for a second? I love being on praise team and I love to sing and to help lead in worship, but it's not easy for me. I love doing it, but just because that is so does not mean that it comes natural to me. Maybe that's why I always watch these back, because I like to see what I looked like on stage that day. Our worship pastor is so great at encouraging us not to be stiff and to just stand like a lump on a log, and he always smiles really big cheesy smiles at us to make us smile and half the time I look like I'm about to laugh, which is kind of what I look like here. He jumps around and waves his arms and sometimes it just gets me tickled, especially when I stand in the middle of the stage next to him, which happens more often than not. Most people hate that spot, so I usually stand there since I don't mind it that much. But, standing there means I'm seen way more, which is full circle back to where I started. I said all that to say that I am so reserved and introverted—but doing things like this that makes me uncomfortable is so good for me. 

The other horribly awkward thing is that we have people taking our photos every week and sometimes the person doing that gets uncomfortably close to us to do this, which is also very weird. You want to look like you're singing to a crowd, but you're not, so you see my point. It's all strange and almost everyone I know hates seeing themselves on a video or in a photo. Including me! But yesterday I didn't mind how I looked, because I wore the right kind of outfit. I definitely need to stick to certain colors and types of outfits, because we also wear in-ear monitors while we sing and a jacket thing hides the battery pack I keep on the waistband of my pants.

That was probably way longer than it should have been, but I wanted to share a little of real life and why I always get those types of pictures of myself. Call me crazy! 

On a different note, I love seeing my boys love their vehicles. This first one underneath is Noah's and this was taken at the old service station on our town square, McGinnis. Isn't that a great picture? 

I don't know where Jonah was when he took this picture of his, but I think it's a great photo as well. I love seeing them content and enjoying life. For the rest of Sunday, I took a nap, then Jonah went and got us the best cheese pizza from a place on the square—Lost Pizza. Todd worked, Graham went to another nearby town to play disc golf and Jonah hung out with friends after he washed his truck and we had dinner.

This was SO. GOOD. I'll end this with one more picture that Graham's girlfriend sent to me of them this weekend at a fair in Nashville.

I laughed so hard at them after church yesterday. Apparently, Jessi talked Graham into riding a mechanical bull and took a video of it, and to hear him mumble under his breath about that little tidbit had me cracking up. He hates pictures and videos of himself, but I love that he tolerates both from her. It was her idea to get pictures of them at the fair this night and I'm glad she did! A girl after my own makes me smile just thinking about it. 

How was your weekend? Tell me something good about it, because I always love hearing from you. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all. 


  1. I love your new outfit and it looks so good on you! I'm glad you enjoyed Purple Hearts. It really made me think about people dealing with the challenges of getting insulin and the sacrifices our military make. I knew those things, but I was happy the movie went deeper, you know?
    I can totally relate to the thoughts you shared. I am not getting many photos of my kids because they aren't comfortable with it and not only that - we aren't doing the photo worthy moments right now. At best we have dinner and watch a show. It's really easy to compare our situation with my friends who have kids the same age. But, I have so much to be thankful for in regards to my kids and our little family.
    Thanks for this sweet reminder this morning. I needed it!

  2. Thanks, Amy! I was so surprised by how it went deeper than the typical love story type movie. I had the exact same thoughts as you- especially with the high cost of insulin. I know people who have had to make that decision- buy the medicine or skip and have money for food and gas. It's terrible how pharmaceutical companies do that...don't get me started! I do think it's different now, but this is one small example of why I have such a bad taste in my mouth for doctors and medicine.

    I totally understand what you're saying about pictures and comparing our situation with others. It's one reason I have a love/hate relationship with social media...I do love seeing all the pictures, but it does have a tendency to make me compare our situations and to be jealous. I try to nip that in the bud when I feel it coming, but it still happens occasionally. It's also made me think about what and why I post there...and I've scaled way back for personal convictions. I never want to cause someone to stumble! But I do love all the memories, so I'm glad for all that I've shared there in the past.

    I'm hoping for a great week for you, friend!

  3. That's such a good picture of Graham and his girlfriend! I'm glad you had a nice weekend. Everything you did sounds good- from being out to spending time inside relaxing. Your church service sounds really nice. Is your church big? I like how it makes a big deal out of promotion Sunday- when kids move up. That is neat that the kids all get a Bible. I don't think our current church or our old church did that. It made a big deal out of moving up but did not do anything special during the regular church service. We have just one week of summer break left ;(. But so many schools start in very early August; I guess I should be happy for a mid August start but it still seems waaaaaay too early! Have a great day, friend.

  4. I was just thinking last night this is the first back tos school morning where we aren't doing school at home or sending one out the door. I have a few more weeks before my college girl leaves, so I am thankful for that. A friend just recommended Purple Hearts to me last night, so I will have to keep that on the list of things to watch. Enjoy your Monday!

  5. Thanks, Maria! Our church is big...there are around 1500 people in the service weekly, give or take, and some that watch online. Years ago we did away with "children's church", which was a very controversial move, but one we agreed with. Our pastor feels like church won't always be a freedom we have, so he wanted the kids to start sitting in the service with their parents. We provide them worship notebooks that they can take notes in and each week our church puts out a newsletter with ideas of how to go deeper with your kids while sitting around the dinner table- all based on the week's sermon. I love that and I love seeing little kids participate in worship each week...and I really love hearing them answer when Pastor Chuck asks a rhetorical question. One did that yesterday! So you see why this day is always a big day for the first graders. Our preschool is birth to kindergarten, with kids ministry starting in first grade and going through fifth. All of youth is 6-12th, but with middle and high school separated when it's appropriate.

    Goodness...just one more week! I hope you soak in the time you have! I know you will. Hopefully you'll ease back into subbing this year!

  6. I know you're glad for some extra time with your girls before they leave, Marilyn! How surreal to not be starting school for the first time...I felt like that last year. You have got to watch that movie when you get some time to yourself. I know you'll love it!

  7. Your weekend sounds really nice...just the kind I like. Your outfit is cute and you look good on the stage. I used to sing and it always made me uncomfortable on the stage, but yet I wanted to do it too. I can no longer sing as my voice has changed drastically, I am slowly working to try to get it back. But I've played the piano at our church for the last 26 years or so, and I feel the same doing that. Within the last year, my cousin has been attending our church and she plays piano and organ and that helps me a lot. It's much easier playing when you have someone playing with you. She is really good and sometimes that intimidates me some, but it also challenges me to try to get better. I think that picture of your son and his girlfriends is so cute. They make a nice looking couple. Hope you have a great day!

  8. So funny that you are joking about your summer decor because after the first pic of that banner, I said to myself I have to tell her how much I LOVE IT...I would keep it up until the pumpkins- ha! Your hair is on point and love your outfit for a day out :)

  9. Thank you, Cathy! Do you miss the singing? I would if I were to ever stop. I did take a break one time when we switched to a new church, that ended up lasting for a few years. I was so happy to be back! I have sung in a choir for as long as I can remember, even way back to my children's church days! Forty something years. I know you're grateful to have help with the piano playing at church! It's always easier to do something on a team than going at it alone. I hope you're having an excellent day, my friend!

  10. Holly, that's funny! I will probably do just that, honestly. My dad loves it as well and always comments on it when he's here every week. Thanks for the hair love, friend! It wasn't too bad this is an entirely different story!

  11. I love the black cardigan. I have a similar one that is getting old, but I love it so much I refuse to get rid of it. Love hearing all about your weekend. And I have to say, Graham looks SO happy in that picture. Have a wonderful week!

  12. Thanks, Tanya! I will have this for a long time to come. And about Graham- I agree! ❤️

  13. What a cute picture of Graham and his girlfriend! And so sweet of her to share with you:) It sounds like another good weekend. But I have to admit, I do not know how you do the praise and worship team! The singing "up front" would be hard enough but then to have the camera "in your face" as well. I am impressed. You did look super cute in your new outfit though - it looks great on you! Thanks for sharing your previous post. I'll leave a note there but it was a blessing - even for me in my stage of life! I think God will use that post to encourage several today!

  14. Jennifer, thanks! I think so. I struggle more on some days than others, I will admit. This week was a little easier for me and the camera didn't come close this week, she just shot pictures from the floor. I was so relieved! I don't like feeling I'm "performing" and I do feel like that when the camera is right there beside me. Thankfully I no longer get butterflies in my stomach over this, but I sure did at first!

    I what an old worship pastor said- he wanted worshipers leading by example on stage. When I think of it like that, I am at ease, because it's all for Jesus and leading by example in worship. He also always said others will only worship as much as I do, which is true, so it's a major heart thing and I always have to spend consistent time with God in prayer over that. I never want to have a wrong mindset going in. I'm so glad you enjoyed that post and that it encouraged you! Take care, sweet friend.

  15. I’m excited to go read that blog post; I’m sure it will be very encouraging. Your weekend sounds wonderful. I love that you start Saturdays with a movie. I want to do that!! And now I have one new one to look up, so thanks! I won’t look up the other one since you said it’s not that good. Love the cardigan you went back and bought. Those tops are pretty on you. And that picture of your son’s car at the old service station looks like it was professionally done!! Your town is so cool!

  16. You should start watching a movie on Saturday! It's my little happy Saturday treat to myself, because I don't have to get up to make anyone lunches/coffees to go before they all leave. Isn't that a great pic of Noah's car? I love it!


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