Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Let's Look: What's in our Medicine Cabinets!


Happy Wednesday again, and welcome to my bonus post. I'm linking up with Shay and Erika for this blog post. Because I recently cleaned out this cabinet, I thought I'd join in with the link party about the cabinet we use for our medicine. 

Because we live in a 2300 square foot home for the six of us, when we bought this house nineteen years ago, though it was plenty big for all of us, we needed every square inch of the space we had. Because our kitchen has a lot of cabinets, I decided to take an entire cabinet and devote it to medicine and things they boys would need for homework. When they were little, I had a "homework basket" that contained things like paper, pens/pencils, highlighters, crayons, scissors and rulers. On the other side was a rectangular box that held all of our medicine. Here's the cabinet below, and just know that by my sharing this, we are the new kind of friends. I don't often open up these cabinets here for you in blog world.

It's not just medicine—it's extra stainless steel cups, seasonal candles, a few pen and paper supplies for me for grocery lists, the dogs medicines for heartworms/fleas and ticks, and extra bottles of medicines or vitamins that come in a two pack from Costco. 

Here is our actual medicine box. It holds our thermometers and pulse oximeter as well, which we bought when we all had covid in the late fall of 2020. Because we're pretty minimalist in this department, what you see is ibuprofen, acetaminophen, mucus relief medicine, sinus medicine (similar to Sudaphed, but the Walgreens brand), pain relief sprays and ointments, cough syrups, and Benadryl. 

We don't have or take a lot of different medicines, but we do all take vitamins and supplements. We keep those here, though.

We all take vitamin C, then Todd and I take vitamin D3, zinc, turmeric (which is a natural anti-inflammatory), he takes iron, and I take calcium as well. 

When the boys were young, we probably had way more medicine than we do now, and though it's all pictured here now, it may have been somewhere different. When we feel really bad and are having to take several things at certain times in the day, we keep it on the counter under the medicine cabinet with some paper and a pen to mark down the times. (Hello, my name is Jennifer and though I'm organized, I can't remember to take medicine at certain times.) We've also been known to take things up to our rooms or bathrooms along with a glass for water if we wake up in the middle of the night. Our sick times are in the fall and sometimes in the spring, but thankfully we are all in pretty great health. 

I am a big fan of assigning cute baskets or boxes to hold things like medicine and pretty much any other thing that can be contained to a box. I keep our mail contained in a box as well, along with a million other things. Keeping it in something smaller helps me to stay organized, meaning that I rarely let things expire. I purchase boxes and baskets from Home Goods, Home Centric, or I also reuse my glass candle jars by cleaning them out and storing smaller things inside them. I love clear bins and would love cabinets full of them, but I just use what I already have or what I can buy for extremely cheap. The box you see by the kitchen sink with our vitamins was less than $6 from Home Goods. I'm also a fan of not spending a lot of money on something most people won't ever see. 😉

Do you take vitamins and supplements? I'm always curious to know what people take. I am thinking of adding one of two more things to my daily regimen. Thanks for reading! Love to all. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your cabinet organization. I'm always curious where other people store some things, and medicines and medical stuff (like thermometers) are one. I take a lot of supplements though my GP doesn't think any supplement does any good. I still take them though. I can tell when I've gone without Biotin because my fingernails start splitting, so I think the others may be doing some good too. I like to store oral medicines in the kitchen because that's where the glasses and water is. Hubby wants it in the bathroom. I recently "lost" our heating pads because they have no assigned place and I had put them with the sheets. Then I couldn't find them for months. But I can't think of a logical place to keep them.

  2. Marti, it's hard to come up with a good spot, but I'm like you and want ours near the kitchen cabinets. I do believe that supplements work! I'm not doctor, but I certainly think they won't hurt...and if there is a chance that one will help with something, then we will try that. I have a blanket basket here in our living room, so that's where I keep our heating pads. We use them the most while we're watching television and sitting down, so that made sense to me.

  3. I keep my vitamins and very minimal supplements in the kitchen but they’re in a cupboard and I always forget to take them. It’s only when my foot starts to cramp up at the most inconvenient time. That I stop and think oh man, I should take my magnesium tablets! Thanks so much for sharing your medicine cabinet with us.

  4. Ruth, that's exactly why we leave ours by the sink! I would forget to take them, otherwise.


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