Tuesday, May 23, 2023

catching up a bit


Happy Tuesday, friends! Time keeps getting away from me, but I think that's a good thing. By the time I've remembered to sit and write a blog post for the next day, or a few at a time, it's almost time for me to go to bed. So, while everything is good here, I've just been skipping out again. I may continue to do that from time to time, especially as I settle back into what was my old normal routine when school is out. Just a head's up, about that. Honestly, I also haven't been up to that much. I had such grand plans this weekend, and I think they all fell short. This time it was not my high expectations, it was just that life happened. I was disappointed at first, but I'm over it now. 

Today is my last full of day of school! I thought it was really sweet that those of us who are leaving are being honored with a chips and dips party at lunch. 

It's like they know I love chips and dip. I'm pretty sure they don't, but what a coincidence. I'm surprised I'm not feeling more sad than I am about leaving after tomorrow, but I'm really not. I think that's proof that it's what I'm supposed to do, and the Lord is always sweet to provide peace when walking in the midst of His will. I know that may seem like such a strange statement, especially because I also know that I was walking in His will when I took this job, and because I've loved it so much. Apparently, He had me at this wonderful school for just a time, and I knew that the job was temporary when I was hired. I really thought the teacher would decide not to come back, though, which is why I thought it would turn into more, but trust me when I say that I am so glad she's making plans to come back. She loves teaching and I know her desire is to come back after she recovers from her surgery. I know I was there for a time, and for a reason, even if I never know what it was.

I'm just collecting little bits and pieces from my time there, like these sweet notes two fourth grade girls left for me yesterday. We weren't supposed to have students at all on Monday (and the week), but they came in and wanted to hang out, so we played games. The students played and we were going to continue to work while they did that, but I couldn't turn them down when one asked me to join them. I'm glad I did! Also, how sweet is it that they wanted to hang out with us? We gave them candy and snacks while they were in there, but that's proof of how so many of them love coming to reading intervention. The goal is for them to have reinforced what they've learned in class, but we also wanted to make sure they had fun while with us. I will miss the students that I came to know and love! 

But also, I am so ready for this.

Except, exchange tea for coffee. I'm so excited for Wednesday! Also, I always kind of hate goodbyes, and that day may really feel like just that. I do plan on getting some pictures with friends on that day, because I want to have a Chatbook made of my time there. I'll be in touch with them still, because I will still be helping them with the application to be a National Blue Ribbon school. 

As for Thursday, I have big plans of doing nothing. I was going to see if my mom wanted to have lunch, but she's still getting over being sick, so I think I'll just stay home and start on the list of things I've been talking about. I hope to sleep in a little and to catch up on all the things before the weekend. I hope to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in forever, and I'll be excited to start back up with Fridays with Dad in the daylight hours. Staying home on Thursday will allow me time to make something for our lunch the next day, as well. 

Well, I'm off to get ready for my day, friends. I'm not sure when I'll post this week, so check back to see! I have one that I'm working on right now in time for summer. I'll be sharing all of my favorite things (and products) that I love during this time of year. Thanks for reading my blog! Love to all. 


  1. Happy last day!

    David and I have a theory that the Lord sometimes lets us go into something (a job or other) to allow us to really know it's not where we need to be. I think in his grace, he allows us to experience that thing we think we want, to solidify his choice for us, which is usually another direction.

    Either way, you blessed the people you had time with and you received some blessings too :)

    Yay for Wednesday!

  2. Thanks for that, Debbie! I agree wholeheartedly with that sentiment. I am thankful He works like that, because often times it makes us more appreciative of the life we actually get to live. Thanks for the wisdom there and for sharing it with me. Now, back to where I belong! I have so missed being at home!

  3. I mostly write my posts in the morning. I just know I will get really lazy if I try to do it after dinner. I am so tired I am falling asleep on the couch at 7:00. I am so tired of getting up at 4:45. So.tired.
    So happy for you that you are done! I am super jealous. I have all of this week and all of next week after Memorial Day. And, I am in a wedding this weekend as the world's oldest bridesmaid.
    I love the chips and dips idea. I love your sweet little notes.
    There was a reason you were there for a semester!

  4. Amy, I always preferred to write in the mornings as well, but then those became Sundays after I started working full time, and lately it's been nights after dinner. It's funny how things progressed as time went on. I hope those days for you at work FLY BY! I know you are beyond ready to be done. I turned off my daily alarm today, which felt amazing! I can't wait to hear about the wedding you're in! You are NOT the world's oldest bridesmaid, but you did make me laugh. Thanks for that, my friend!

  5. Love that chip and dip reception; a fun way to say goodbye for now.

  6. Joanne, I thought that was such a great idea!

  7. Bri! I have been thinking about you lately and wondering how you're doing. I did drop off the face of the earth for a good long while, so it's good to be back and be able to catch up with friends. I'll text you over the weekend! I hope all is well for you, my friend! I've missed you!


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