Friday, November 10, 2023

Friday Favorites, 11.10.2023.


Happy Friday, friends! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's favorite blog post of the week. I hope you've had a good week! Mine was good; it felt like it went by really fast. I'll jump in with today's post!

This is my favorite body lotion at the moment, and worth the reshare. I love how thick it is; the bottle actually says body cream. I go back and forth between this and the vanilla bean scent. 

Y'all. Life 360 is my favorite app! I don't stalk my people because I want to see where they are, but I do stalk them to make sure they get home safely on weekend nights. I took a screenshot of this to show you how far away from Graham we were all week. He spent the week in Las Vegas! Do you use this app? We got it because it was helpful in locating Noah's phone last year when his got stolen. Todd's parents are on it with us as well, on another page, which is helpful with aging family members. 

I took this picture when I was walking into work on Tuesday. This place is my second favorite place to be! It only ties with home. I love all of the people that I work with and feel so very blessed to be able to work and go to church here. I really am living and working at my dream job! 

And on a work note, I dream about the bookstore when I'm sleeping. Have I mentioned that? It's true! I was dreaming of work the other night and had a brilliant idea. I waste so much coffee that goes untouched each time I go into work that I thought I'd start saving it to bring home or share with anyone else who works there and enjoys iced coffee. (I drink a protein shake with coffee and creamer in it each day for breakfast, and I've gotten all our sons hooked on the same thing.) A few of the staff members came in for some of this after I told them about it, and I've since brought home enough for our drinks the next morning. I feel so frugal! 🤣 

I decorated for Christmas this week. Christmas is my favorite! These three pictures below are a few of my favorite things that I use to decorate with around the house. 

I sat with my favorite tech guy during church last weekend. I'm always amazed by his abilities when I watch him work this sound panel. He's in charge of the livestream service each week.

This driveway will always be one of my favorite views. My dad and grandfather planted these pine trees when he and Mom first moved into this house. He knew they would be quick and easy to grow, and they've served their purpose beautifully in the years that have passed, over fifty years ago!

Todd made a Costco run last night and brought home my favorite cheese pizza for four of us. He had leftover taco soup.

I've mentioned it before, but I really do live in Stars Hollow! Our town is my favorite town.

Lastly, I wore a couple of my favorite tops to work this week, because I wanted to be comfy. 

What was something that was a favorite from your week? I'd love to hear about it! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. We don't have Life 360 but can click on each other and see location - I guess it's through Find my iphone? I have enjoyed tracking Mason and it was especially fun when he was in London this week!
    I'm glad you are so happy with your home, your job, and your town. Contentment is such a blessing!

  2. I love how happy you are with your home and your work and your are truly blessed. I've had many favorites this week and even as I'm reading your blog I'm looking out the sliding doors watching the sunrise. I'll be going out shortly to the beach to enjoy it for a bit. Have a blessed weekend.

  3. Being content and happy is truly one of life’s greatest blessings! Your prints on your outfits are so pretty. That pizza looks delicious! Happy weekend.

  4. I LIVE by Life 360- so glad I am not alone- ha! Have a wonderful weekend friend

  5. We love Life360!! I got it when Collin was a new driver and we've kept it for all these years. However, when he got married we took him off and now it's just David and I on the app. I highly recommend it for anyone with kids at home!

    I'm so glad you love your job! It's a dream job, for sure! And great save on the coffee!

    Have a wonderful weekend in your cozy town :) It looks so fun!

  6. We use find my iPhone to track the family. Nothing made me happier than seeing all our icons within the same area when we were in AL/GA this weekend! Great idea with the coffee! I absolutely love costco pizza and just wish our store wasn't so crowded all the time. I can barely stand it!

  7. I bought that lotion last year for my youngest sister; I put together a whole package with that scent. I would have zero clue on how to track my kids using their phones... when I'm curious I just send them a text or call and hope to hear from them eventually. LOL

  8. Amy, I love that he is living it up in London! I bet that's making you even more excited to go in December. I hope you had a great weekend!

  9. Thanks, Cathy! I know you have loved being at the beach again this past week. I'm so glad you're both able to do this every year for some much needed rest!

  10. Thanks, Andrea! You are so right. I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  11. Holly, this made me laugh! I'm glad neither one of us are alone!

  12. Debbie, I recommend it as well! We will always have it now that we know how accurate it is and helped us find Noah's phone when it was stolen a year ago. These days it never hurts to be extra careful!

  13. Tanya, I know that made you happy! I am with you on Costco, I can barely stand to go these days. Ours probably isn't as crowded as yours, since you're near Houston, but thankfully Todd goes for us!

  14. Joanne, that made me laugh! I hope you had a great weekend!


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