Friday, December 15, 2023

Friday Favorites, my birthday edition


Merry Friday, friends! Would you believe that tonight we're having our first of three Christmas celebrations? I'm not ready for this and am in denial that the big day is quickly approaching. You know how I feel about this time of year; it's not the day I love, but the season in general. I'm always sad to see it pass each year! I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika for today's favorite festive blog post of the week. I'll jump right in! 

Several years ago, I wrote articles for an online Christian women's magazine, and these are my words from one of those times. I still wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment and need this reminder on a daily basis during this very busy and fun season. It's really easy in the hustle and bustle of the holidays to lose sight of this, and what it's all about. I feel like I continually need a fresh dose of perspective to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, and to not get carried away and concerned with the unimportant things in life. 

So many of us are hurting this year, I will just add myself to this mix. We've had major family drama, serious illness, death, traumatic situations, harsh realities, and things that we never expected happen, all within the last six to nine months. It's been a year! I try to keep things light and fluffy here in blog land, and I don't talk about heavy things like this too often, but sometimes things just need to be said that are very vulnerable. If I ever seem like I have all of my life together, I am sorry for leading you to believe that! I assure you that is never at all the case, and I am humbled by circumstances in life that happen every single day. I am humbled by the Lord in the reminder that I am not the one in control of my life, and the lives of my family members; He is! 

Moving onto lighter topics now...

I have never liked my hands; I took this picture last week when I noticed how much mine look like my mom's hands. 

Hands have always been one of my favorite things to notice about people. I love this picture I took with Mom a year ago. I was sharing it with one of my sisters, because Mom had just had her nails done, and I love how they looked. Do you do things like this? I'm super sentimental when it comes to some things.

I have some favorite outfits from this week! I'm getting my money's worth out of the Christmas sweatshirts from Walmart. I love them and have worn them on repeat! People are probably tired of seeing them, but I'm okay knowing this.

These boots are new and a favorite!

I saved the best for last; I have a new favorite top! I treated myself to this beauty while I was out of town with my best friend last week. It's the Umgee brand, and I am smitten! 

It's always a favorite to sit and watch my hubby do his tech thing at church.

Experience Christmas was my favorite night at church! I loved being a spectator this year, and not a participant like I have been for the last twenty something years. 

It was also a favorite to have my beautiful niece Erika sitting beside me while I watched and cried my way through. She actually did the same thing; we were both so moved by the music and presentation of the Gospel of Jesus!

Tablescapes at church is my favorite women's event of the year! I kept my table super simple and uncomplicated this year, because I didn't have the brain power to put much thought into it. It's not about that anyway, for me at least, and I focus more on the people who choose to sit with me. It's a blessing to be able to host a table each year, and I love making connections with people that I wouldn't normally get to talk to. Funny story about this picture: I dreamed about my table during the night and went to add some ornaments to it early that morning on my way to get my hair done. I could not find the light switches in the fellowship hall, so this was me stumbling around in the dark and using the flashlight on my phone. 🤣 I will say that it wasn't just me being blind; the light plate covers are broken, and to turn them on you have to either go up on the stage or use the sound board. I did neither of those things.

Fresh hair is my favorite! I got a much needed trim and touch up with color. My girl is a miracle worker! 

Chloe giving me the hints to let her sit in my lap are also my favorite. She's been a royal pain in the butt this week, as we discovered she's been eating the window sill ledge. This is why we can't have nice things.

This will always be one of my favorite memes!

I went ahead and just had a day of treating myself, and on the same day that I took off work for my hair appointment, I also went and got my nails done. I didn't love these at first, but they're growing on me. New nails and fun designs are a favorite! I was a trend setter with these; two ladies on either side of me got the exact same. 🤣

Look at my little greats! I adore them and they will always be my favorite! This was at the two littles' preschool program one night in Denver this week. I'd have given anything to have been there! 

Working on my birthday yesterday was my favorite! I took this picture with my friend Katie, also known as my birthday twin! 

One of the Bible fellowship classes brought lunch to the church staff! It was Lenny's sub sandwiches and homemade soups. There were lots to choose from, and I picked the chicken tortilla. It was amazing!

Mom and Trish stopped by my work to bring me a cupcake from my favorite bakery! I could have cried. How cute is Mom? She's my favorite. 

Lastly, my favorite thing in the world was last night. I wanted one thing for my birthday, and it was a night with just my family plus the two girlfriends. I got everything I wanted, and I couldn't be happier!

You know I have to include the bloopers! Left to right are Jonah, Drew, us, Noah, and Graham. Drew's girlfriend pictured below is Caitlyn, and Jonah's girlfriend is Laura. I love adding girls to our mix!!

What was a favorite thing of yours from the week? I'd love to hear! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. I did post the other days this week, but I'm too tired to link them all, so just scroll some more and you can see them all below this one. Love to all! 


  1. You had quite the week! So much to comment on! I love the new Umgee top! Love the new green nails! So great that you got so much use out of your Christmas attire. I bet you brought joy to people instead of them tiring of it!
    So glad you had a wonderful bday and hope you have a fun weekend in store and keep on celebrating!

  2. Thank you for the reminder- Amen! What a beautiful and festive week- your holiday attire is on point! Have a wonderful time tonight XO

  3. You are so precious! Happy Birthday sweetheart! Love your nails, your attire and festive spirit!

  4. Hey there :) So much to comment on, but the first thing on my mind is that you've gone through some serious stuff the past few months. I just want to say that I hope it's all getting sorted out. I understand not wanting to share the heavy stuff, but then again, I think it's ok to be real too. You just have to do what feels appropriate .

    Ok, I love your new burgundy top! It's gorgeous! And now I want all the sweatshirts! Those are so cute!

    Your great nieces are so precious and so are the pics with your sons. I used to tell my boys that all I wanted for my birthday or Mother's Day was a handwritten note (and of course...they better come be with me!)

    I recently got my nails done, but it's been 3 weeks and now I can barely text or type! It's time for a new dip and color.

    Well it's Friday, so I hope your weekend is fun and cozy.

    Merry Christmas :)

  5. So glad you had so much fun for your birthday - and exactly what you wanted!! And, yes, your mom is adorable! Hooray for cupcakes on your birthday!!:) I love your new top, those cute boots (where did you find those??) and those tablescapes!! Wish I would have seen that inspiration before I did my tables last week. Happy Friday - have a GREAT time tonight!!

  6. That does look like a perfect birthday celebration night! Your nails are super cute. That new top is amazing... I might just have to look around on the internet for one for me!

  7. Wow, I love the new Umgee top. I haven't heard of that brand. Your birthday night looks so fun with the whole family. I know this year has been hard for many people, and I hope 2024 brings comfort to so many families. I also like to keep things "light" on my blog, but I definitely don't have it all together. Thanks for always keepin' it real, friend!

  8. Wonderful favorite things! Nothing better than being able to be out with your whole family! Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

  9. Thank you, Andrea! I definitely live my best life in the month of December!

  10. Debbie, thank you for that! You're so right; sometimes things just need to be said. I never hesitate to share a little, but I also neve want to overshare things here. It feels too raw and emotional most of the time when I go to write something, so I always end up deleting whatever it was that I wrote.

    All I ever want is a card for my birthday and a family picture. I love how this year went, though. It was my favorite to date! I totally get the "not being able to text or type" with the nails. I go once a month, but by week three, I'm unable to pick up change from a counter or type in a way that doesn't feel weird. 🤣

  11. Thank you, Jennifer! I love the boots; believe it or not, they are from JC Penney, and it was an early black Friday deal. I got them for $20! I love them! I hope you've had a great week! I'd love to see your table from that event.

  12. Thanks, Joanne! You should try to find the top. It's also very comfy!

  13. Thanks, Tanya! I appreciate your kind words. I hope you enjoy your weekend with the family all at home!

  14. Thank you, Cathy! You are so right. Merry Christmas to you!

  15. I am so glad we met here, my friend. I share your love of this time of year leading up to Christmas. I love the anticipation, decorations, music, family, movies, cookies, tree lights...Well, you get the idea! Happy and Blessed Birthday, too!

  16. I mean, cute photos! Cute boots, cute Christmas table, cute new shirt, cute nails, cute family photos and cute greats!

  17. I love your festive nails and outfits. So fun. Your church looks beautiful. The family photo is a keeper! So special.

  18. Thanks, Billie Jo! I'm so glad we met each other as well!

  19. Thanks, Jen! I love it too. I want to print and frame it!


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