Monday, January 8, 2024

a weekend recap & Hello Monday (1.8.2024.)


Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for today's post. I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was, and it went by so fast. Family was the theme of my weekend, along with a dinner with a sweet blogging friend! I'll talk about that at the end. 

When Dad got here on Friday, we decided to get out for lunch that day. We had tried to do that last week, but it was raining, so we stayed in. It did end up raining again this week, but we didn't let it stop us this time. I always appreciate him riding with me to Costco when I need gas, because it's not in the greatest area. We did that, then we decided to eat at Newk's for lunch. Have you ever eaten at one of those? They have the best potato soup! We each got the soup and sandwich combo, so we had that and chicken salad. It was delicious! We stayed in the rest of the afternoon, then when I took him home, they invited me to join them for dinner. It was nice doing that so that I could also spend time with Sandy. I always love getting to catch up with them both. 

I got up and watched a movie that morning while I drank coffee, then I had my quiet time in my chair. I've been reading in Job this week, which has been so good. In the recap portion of that day's reading, Tara Leigh Cobble mentioned a song in the video, and I listened to it after I'd read and listened. It's called Though You Slay Me, by Shane & Shane. Have you heard that? The reason she mentioned the song is because that was one of the verses we read that day. If you're not familiar with the story of Job, he was a blameless and upright man in the Old Testament, whom God allowed to be tested by Satan. God knew that Job would remain faithful to Him, even if everything he had was taken away from him. God didn't cause all of the harm to befall Job, but He did allow the suffering. Job's friends came to "comfort" him by offering up terrible advice, and Job often responded with giving God praise, even in spite of his great suffering. This was one such time that he did that, and his faith never wavered. It can be a hard book to read, but it's good and I love how it ends. Have you ever read Job's book? 

Later that morning, I went out with Mom and Trish. It'd been a couple of weeks since we had done that, because my mom was sick. I was glad she was feeling better so that I could see her again! We started at Marshall's, where I bought this new shirt. 

It's kind of hard to tell, but it's a tomato red. I have missed red since Christmas has passed by! We had lunch, then after I'd been home for the afternoon, Todd and I met up with Drew and Caitlyn for dinner. It was so good to see them, and especially her because she was feeling better. They also came to church on Sunday, and stopped by before going back home. Also, on Sunday morning, I said goodbye to Todd for the week. He will be near LA all week doing a job, and I will miss him! He won't come home from California until late Saturday night. 

For dinner on Sunday, I met up with my blogging and in real life friend, Marilyn!

We had so much fun over our delicious Mexican food catching up and dreaming big dreams. We dubbed our dinner, "All the Things We Don't Talk About on Our Blogs". I highly recommend nights like these! I feel so grateful for her friendship. Don't you love such a thing? 

Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Make sure and come back today for a bonus blog post. I'll be linking up with Tanya for that one, which will be all about the things I've Primed lately. Love to all!


  1. Hi Marilyn! So cool! How far apart do you live from each other again? Isn't that the truth - so many things we can't exactly write on our blogs! Ha! I guess I need to check out Marshall's. Mine is really small, but it's next door to Whole Foods and I have been wanting to get a few things there, too. I will put it on my list for next Saturday if I have any energy by then - ha!
    I love that tomato red! I did have good luck at my consignment store - everything was 25-75% off and I got two handbags and a nice sweater vest topper that I think I will wear a lot!

  2. Amy, we only live about twenty minutes apart. We meet in the middle of us, though, and we always have fun! You should check out Marshall's. That's exciting that you had some good luck this weekend!

  3. I love Marshall’s, but we don’t have one close by! The next best thing is TJ Maxx which is over an hour away. I do shop there quite a bit though!

  4. That would be a long drive for shopping, Megan! Do you have any other box type stores near you? Just curious! I'd probably go out way less if I lived far away from things.

  5. I loved the comment, "Things we don't talk about on our blogs!". Thankful the Lord connected us and to know how to pray for you. Also, I got a TJMaxx/Marshall gift card for Christmas, so I am hoping to save it for some new spring clothes. Your shirt is so cute!

  6. Marilyn, it was so true! I am thankful for that too. So many of us have things going on that we never feel the freedom to speak openly about! Or we're embarrassed about it. It's so good to have friends to be able to talk things out with!


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