Monday, January 8, 2024

things I've Primed lately, January 2024


Happy Monday, friends, and happy bonus blog post day! I'm linking up with Tanya this time for the things I've Primed lately. I'll jump in!

I bought this baked Milani blush back in mid-December, and I love it! I have been using that brand for a while, but I needed a new color, so I bought it in Milani Rose. 

I need something with a more color, and this was perfect. 

Next up was this water enhancer

I *might* be slightly addicted to this stuff. I finally subscribed and saved on Amazon to save money and to have it delivered on a regular basis. 

We love these dog treats

We buy these extra small ones for all the dogs to enjoy. 

I bought these shorts for Drew right before Christmas.

He loves them! They're a Lululemon dupe. Three out the five of my guys prefer a shorter inseam, and Drew was pleased with how these turned out. 

I bought two new lipsticks to replace what I ran out of, and I love both colors. Click each picture to be taken to Amazon. 

I love them both! I like to line my lips first, then go over that with one of these colors. Neutrals are my favorite right now. 

I bought Noah a new lunch box for work.

I bought a physical copy of this book, based on a conversation the author and I had over DMs on Instagram. I love it when authors correspond with their readers! 

And lastly, I treated myself to a new cup for my water. I love the bright pink!

I love the Meoky brand of cups! 

What did you Prime this month? I can't wait to hear about what you loved! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. Great buys! All of mine were travel related and now I need new vitamins - easier and cheaper than going in the store! I am trying to be "good" with my Amazon purchases as we come off the travel spending, but I do save things for later in my cart on the regular!

  2. My 18 year old son likes the shorter shorts, too. I think it’s funny! I have a water cup in that exact color. Nothing like a pretty cup to make you drink more water!

  3. I like the water enhancers as well. If you´re happy getting them from Amazon, that is well and good. But I just bought some on Friday from a local store- the exact brand and they were $1 a box. They were on a slight sale- I think originally they were $1.25 a box. I got five boxes for five dollars. Just an FYI- I have noticed that Amazon´s prices on a a variety of items are more expensive than in stores. But I know it´s convenient to order and have the items shipped. I like the color of the lipstick you ordered- I am always on the hunt for a good neural.

  4. Thanks, Amy! It's understandable that all of your recent purchases from there would have been travel related. I need to be better at Amazon, as well, but so much of what we buy are things that are repeats and "necessities". Even so, I could still do better and need to work on that in 2024!

  5. Meghan, that's funny! It's definitely a trend right now, and honestly, I like them better than the long ones they used to wear.

  6. Maria, do you use this brand of water enhancer? I'm curious about this now and need to check into it some more. Thank you for the heads up! I have heard that Amazon does that with some of the products they sell, but I've never looked into this brand before. I've also never seen it in a store that I go to regularly, but now I need to look more diligently. Thanks, friend!

  7. Ok now I am craving Starburst- ha! Your pink cup looks like the ones that are sold out at Target- so fun :)

  8. Holly, you would love the water enhancer packs! If you try them, tell me what you think. I didn't even think of that about my new cup! I just love pink right now and I wanted something bright instead of neutral. Ha! But you're right!

  9. Jennifer- the store where I bought the water enhancers sold a variety of brand names. I bought one package of Starburst, one of Jolly Rancher, one of Wylers, Crush and one Canada Dry. The store I bought them at is a chain in Ohio called Discount Drug Mart. I checked Kroger´s website and ours, at least, does not carry the Starburst brand. Maybe Walmart does? I know Walmart that sells some water enhancers in generic form. It looks like you´re stocked up for a while!!

  10. I love the pink starburst drink things. So good!

  11. I will have to put those shorts on a to-buy list for my son. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases today!

  12. Thanks, Maria! I'm going to look into that to see what I can find.

  13. Kirsten, right? I love the pink ones!


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