Tuesday, February 17, 2015

how I met my hubby

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Todd and I met the first time at kids camp, when we were about nine years old.  He doesn't remember me, but I remember him.  He was the annoying kid who went around asking for all the girls' phone numbers.  I am pretty sure that I did not give him mine.  (And by the way~who does that sound like?  Andrew Myles.)

I met him again, when we were juniors in high school.  I started going to his church and it wasn't until we started being friends that I started liking him.  I had a boyfriend for a while during this time, and when I broke up with him, I started hanging out more with Todd.  Our first date was a double date, and we went to see the movie, Little Rascals.  This didn't happen until our senior year in high school.  We were friends for a long time before our date, and even after our date, I wasn't convinced that I really liked him as more than a friend.

One night, in the late spring of our senior year, my mom and I were babysitting my niece and nephews.  Todd had come over to eat with us (he ate with us almost every single night) and hang out and play with the kids.  We were jumping on the trampoline with my niece Erika, and when my mom called the kids in for baths and bed, Todd and I sat out there and talked.  While he was practically in the middle of a sentence, I remember being struck with how much I loved this boy!  And all of a sudden I knew that all those months of friendship had turned into love.  I wrote that in a note and gave it to him before he drove off, and made him wait to read it after he left.

He called me when he got home and told me that he loved me too.

:)  And then our lives continued, but with him as my boyfriend, it was so much better.  We went to prom together.  We were at each other's graduation ceremonies.  And after graduation, my dad and step-mom and us went on a two week trip to Destin, then onto Orlando and to Disney World.

This was on our way to Disney World.  ;)  And when my dad wasn't looking.  Ha!  We were taking selfies before that was even a thing.

At the end of the summer he broke up with me.  He said it was because he didn't want to be tied down, but what he really meant (he told me so later) was that he thought I would meet someone else and he didn't want to get hurt.  That only last a couple months into my freshman year at Lambuth, though.  In September we got back together and on Thursday night, October 5 of 1995, when I came home from college for a long weekend, he proposed.  (I only went to college for a semester.)

And obviously, I said yes.  We were engaged for a whole year and married on October 4, 1996 at the ripe old age of nineteen.  We turned twenty in December of the same year, but I find it funny that while we were first married, we couldn't buy a bottle of wine.  We have literally grown up together.

We had Graham when we were twenty-two.  We lived in a second story apartment for one year, a third story apartment for one year and a ground level apartment for one year.  When Graham was one, and right before Drew was born (when we were twenty three), we moved into our first rental house here in The Ville.  We lived there until Drew's first birthday.  My step-dad bought a small house then, and rented it to us for three years.  Jonah and Noah were born during that time (we were twenty-six then) and we outgrew it and bought our first home when they were eight months old.  That will be twelve years in November of this year, that we have lived here.

We have had some really bad times of marriage and we have had some really great times of marriage.

He is still my best friend and the one I call first for everything.  His face is more familiar to me than my own.  He makes me laugh more than anyone else and there are so many things I love about him.

Just for fun, here are some more pictures of us throughout the years.

He has loved me in the good and the bad, and apparently, through multiple colors of hair.  ;)  And it's only been eighteen years.  (We will celebrate nineteen this year.)  We have experienced half of our lives together, and we have so much still ahead of us.

Thanks for reading about how we met!  Love to all.

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