Monday, February 16, 2015

the weekend

Friday was a teacher in service day for the schools in The Ville, so I gave my kids the day off, too.  :)  Really what happened is that they finished their work early enough to earn that day off.  We had lunch with my dad and ended up coming back home, when we found out the gym at our church was closed.  A couple hours later, though, my friend texted me and told me her hubby was going up there to unlock it, and they invited all my kiddos plus an extra along.  They went, happily.

Friday night Graham and Drew went to McAllister's with some friends, so Todd, Jonah and Noah enjoyed a good dinner at home.  After dinner, Todd took the two littles to a friend's basketball game and some girls from church came over and we made cupcakes to take with us Saturday.

We listened to loud music and sang while we mixed and baked.  :)  I love these girls~they are all so much fun to be with and I am glad my boys have them as friends.  They've known each other since kindergarten.

Afterward, they might have had a small~ish fight that involved icing.

I made the boys clean up after they went home.  :)

Saturday we lounged around until noon.  I was on the laptop and I watched television.  (Exciting stuff, right?)  It was a lovely, lazy morning.

I'm not one for mushy Valentine stuff, but this was an image I loved.

We loaded into my car around one, made a couple stops, and went to see some of the kids from Street Reach they met last summer.

Graham was so attached to this little boy~and he to Graham.  Every time D'Korian sees Graham, he throws himself into Graham's arms.  It's the sweetest thing ever.  We go to see them, because they live in an area that isn't always included in the kids clubs that Street Reach does for the kids.  Their site is included only depending on the number of kids they have in a week to serve.  If there aren't enough kids to serve, the Treadwell site gets left out.


They have come to expect us, and we like to go see them once every few weeks.

For dinner Saturday night, Todd and I made steak, roasted potatoes, asparagus and garlic bread.  And then we took the boys bowling with some friends.

Drew is crazy, and I have found that I can't take him anywhere.  He has acted weird all weekend, and then he goes and does this and lets me get a glimpse of his personality that I miss when he acts weird.  He said he was really tired all weekend.  Today he seems back to normal, though, much to my relief.

Yesterday after church, we went to Steak Escape for lunch.

I took this on the sly.  ;)  He wore this sweater that our friend who lives in Iceland made him.  It's not ever cold enough to wear it, so when it is, he takes advantage of the moment.  I love him so much.  On Instagram, I captioned this, "He's my lobster."

He is.

My mom brought me a Valentine's present yesterday.

She knows me so well!  Fleece pajamas.  :)  I love them and have them on right this moment.  They are so warm, and perfect to enjoy our snow day in.

We had community group last night, then came home and had dessert and watched our favorite shows.

The local schools closed, and when we woke up this morning, we woke up to ice.  Not snow.  Ice.  But it's okay, because ice is better to sled on!  I plan on taking them later this afternoon.

They have all been out already, but currently are back inside warming up.  I made them eggs and biscuits for breakfast and we're working on our second pot of coffee.  I do love a good and cold day off.

How are you spending this wintry day?  Love to all!

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