Monday, February 23, 2015

weekend recap, D-Now edition

This weekend was amazing.  D-Now stands for disciple now.  Our church is big on discipleship.  We are of the belief that discipleship starts with our own family, so we have lots and lots of resources that are church staff is always supplying us with, as parents.  I have looked forward to this weekend ever since last year, at the same time.

Friday night we started at church.  We had an amazing speaker named John Nix that was there with us all weekend.  The theme was Open Hands, as in surrendering our lives to Jesus as we connect in our faith, families, fellowship and the field.  I was so bummed that Graham was sick Friday night.  He missed all that night and came in on Saturday afternoon, around five.  After the service on Friday, we went to our host home and ate junk food and discussed the session from that night.

Here are our eleventh grade girls.

I love these girls so much!  It has been a joy to be one of their leaders these two years.  I am so proud of them all.  We finally went to bed sometime close to one, but it was almost three before my friend and I fell asleep.  We have a tendency to talk too much every time we're together and go on for hours.  I love that, though, and love that I get to serve alongside her.

Saturday morning we were back at church around 8:45, had a yummy breakfast, then heard a different speaker.  After this we were dismissed and we started working on the music video that we had to make, as part of our CFBC Academy Awards.  It took a long time, but it turned out really good and they were nominated for a couple of awards.

Katelyn, Kittie, me and Scottie.  We had a blast being together all weekend and Kittie was our host home.

We were exhausted by four thirty, and I caught this happening:

We had dinner, another church service, then the Awards show.  I think we ended back home by eleven.  And by this time, I think I might have been delirious.  We all were, because we laughed so hard, and at everything, while we were back at our host home, snacking.  And on this night, I was asleep by one.

Sunday morning dawned very early for us, and we were back at church by nine.

And though they look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, one of them (whom I will not name) was VERY grumpy about taking this picture.  She needed her sugar fix and was quite impatient about getting in the doughnut line.  ;)

We had one last session, then our regular sermon by our pastor.  After church, I came home, took two bites of spaghetti and then slept for the next three hours.  My friend woke me up~I was supposed to help her at the merchandise table at a concert last night, and I wasn't responding to her texts.  Her third text woke me up, at 4:45, then we were back at church by five.

Matt Papa was there in concert, and we worshiped.  Every one of his songs had such a beautiful message, and I think I must have cried the whole night.  One of the band members gave me a cd for helping sell merchandise, which was really nice of him.  I can't wait to pop it into my kitchen radio and listen to it while I am cooking or folding laundry.

It was an awesome weekend, and by last night, I already missed being with the girls!

On another note, Graham is fine now, but Drew and I have a cold or something like that.  Neither one of us can stop coughing.  The only thing that helps is ice water and cough drops.  I felt mine coming on last night, but his started Friday.  :(  I pray we don't get what Graham had and that the rest of us are better by Thursday.  I really don't want to miss our homeschool group again.

Well.  Laundry is calling me again.  You should see the mountains of piles.  I have a long day ahead of me.  Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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