Monday, May 4, 2015


This weekend was great.  The weather was beautiful all weekend long and there was time spent with family and friends.  That's pretty much the perfect weekend in my book.  (We did miss Todd, though, since he worked all weekend at Music Fest.)

We normally have our community groups on Sunday night, but because of church events and Mother's day, they have gotten cancelled for three weeks in a row.  Because we are trying to finish a book with our girls, we decided to meet on Friday night at my friend's house.  These girls are so different on a Friday night!  They were all wound up and super chatty, which was cracking me up.  And the conversations that took place...oh my goodness!  I cannot repeat them.

My phone was hacked by Abigail, and I found a bunch of selfies.

They are so funny.  I love them so much, and I love our community group time.  Out of all the things we do, community groups are my favorite activity.  I love the closeness of the small group, and the relationships we have built with these girls.

On Saturday, I had made plans to go out with my mom and sister.  I needed something from the state beauty supply place, and they had a couple of stops to make.  We got our goodies from State, then we went to lunch.

This place has been my favorite Mexican restaurant for as long as I can remember.  The only one left in Memphis is on Summer Avenue, which is in a way different part of town.  It is totally worth the time that it takes to get there.  Their cheese dip is out of this world.

We went to Macy's for my mom, then our last stop was Target.  I broke my sunglasses two weeks ago and have been needing a new pair, so I picked some out, then Trish and I went to look at makeup.

We were laughing so hard in this picture.  We had a really great day together.

I came home and did my nails, then the boys and I went to Mom's house for dinner.  And I did laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.  I was all caught up again, for a brief time, and now I am about to need to do it again.  Hopefully we will hear from the insurance company today about what they're going to do to repair or replace the one we have.

Yesterday was church, and last night was something we had called discipleship intensive.  We chose three break out sessions to listen in on and we had dinner.  We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.  We came home and had ice cream for dessert, and caught up on The Amazing Race.

And that was our weekend in a nutshell.  We were all kind of spread out and all over the place, which is our new normal, but I am okay with that for now.  I have to be.

Have a great day!  Love to all.

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