Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Good morning and Happy Friday!  My favorite weekday is this day, because I always look forward to the weekend.  I'm linking up with Momfessionals for this post.


On Monday, I spent some time doing my favorite thing with one of my favorite people ever, and I took this picture when I came home to pick up Graham and Drew.  Our fall themed street is my absolute favorite.  Actually, all the streets in this neighborhood are.  We live off of a connecting street to two pretty big roads out here in The Ville, and that street looks like something out of a Hallmark movie.  (Yes, I love Hallmark movies.)  My only complaint with the weather right now is that it's not cold enough.


I've started thinking about goals for 2016, and I want to start reading more again.  This was the year that I have re-visited all of my favorites books and series of books, and this is what the above picture is.  In the eight or nine years that I've been reading Karen Kingsbury books, I have never reread my favorite series from her, The Baxter Series.  So I've started reading them again in the last few weeks, and just the day before yesterday, I started book three.  The only problem that I foresee is that with my OCD tendencies, I will not be able to NOT finish this series.  There are almost twenty books in several series, because they're all connected.  At some point, I'll have to put these down to read my beloved Christmas books, then I'll start again in January.  The reason I have been reading my favorites again is also because I haven't been able to be interested in any new books.  I've only been reading Christian fiction, so my choices are limited.  And a book has to grab me from the first chapter, or I'll put it down.  I'm a picky reader.  My mom and my mom-in-love can read anything, but I am not like that.


If you're my friend on any social media, then you know about this picture.  I saw this on Facebook Monday, and I immediately printed it out to start the challenge.  It's 30 Days of Thanksgiving, and the challenge is to read all the passages and then write them out.  Writing out Scripture is my favorite and  I have notebooks and journals chock full of pages that I've written.  If you're reading this and this strikes a chord with you, then join me!  It's only the 6th, so it won't take long to catch up.


Starting in January of this year, I started keeping a one sentence gratitude journal, but in mid August, I dropped off.  I let those days remain missing and started again on Monday.  When I picked my little notebook up that I had been writing in, I found this little note tucked inside.  :)  I am not a person who constantly needs to be given gifts, but my absolute favorite thing in the world is finding or receiving little gems just like this.  I am very sentimental, and these are the things that I hang on to.  AND, this is from one of my favorite people ever.


Speaking of my favorite people, here are a couple more.

Wednesday night in youth was Battle in the Bowl.  It was a giant color war, and they all got so messy.  I failed to get pictures of Jonah and Noah, and I didn't take the pictures above, but they were texted to me.  I have to say that in the picture of Graham and Rachel, Graham looks beautiful.  He looks like he's wearing makeup.


Our little home is my favorite.  I have loved this home for twelve years this month!  There are so many things about it that I love; the colonial style that it is, the two stories, the hardwood stairs with the runner, the colorful rooms, the way that it's laid out with every room its own room (I hate open concepts), but mostly I love the people inside and the way it looks dressed up in fall leaves.  And check out the little turkeys in front of the bushes~Jonah found them in the attic this week, brought them down and cleaned them up and set them up in the yard.


In between afternoon and evening  plans yesterday, I had a little window of time just long enough to repaint my nails.  This is my current favorite OPI color: Viking in a Vinter Vonderland.  I love the names, people.  I love them.  I might or might not be guilty of buying them based almost entirely upon their names.

Well, that wraps up this exciting post of Friday Favorites.  ;)  Love to all!


  1. I love OPI too -partly because it lasts longer or as long as the other drugstore brands I've tried, but mostly because of the names! If I could choose a dream job, I think it would be naming colors for paint, cosmetics, cars, etc. My fave is Tickle my Francey. Right now I'mwearing Samoan Sand...

  2. I'm not the only one! My husband will love to hear this. ;) I have always said that I would love to be "Suzi" from OPI. That's the lady who names all their polishes, or at least that was the case several years ago. Ha!


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