Tuesday, December 20, 2016

the weekend

My weekly Friday lunch date with my dad was cancelled this week, because he was sick.  And then, more people in my family got sick and ended up in hospitals, but all is well now and they're all back home.  The issues were all various things and none of it is something contagious.  These were strange things, but I am so thankful that they're all okay and back home now.

My dad is still on the mend.  God love him.  I think he has an old fashioned cold that is just hanging on and won't let go.

Friday night I hosted the junior and senior girls here at my house for dinner and a Christmas party.

It was so much fun!  We ate dinner and played games (the competitive and crazy kind) and then went caroling to two houses (our pastor and the youth pastor).

It was a great night, filled with much laughter and screaming over the game.

Saturday was an incredibly lazy day for me.  Todd and the boys went to help his dad with something, and I wrapped presents.

(I love my new coffee mug!)

I was productive, though, and not lazy all day, while they were gone.  When they got home, our plans for that night ended up changing and I cooked dinner and we stayed home.  After dinner, the boys all played Monopoly and I came in and watched my favorite movie.

You've Got Mail!

I never tire of this oldie.

We had church on Sunday morning and community group that night, and I spent the night with my mom.  Long story, but I came home yesterday around eleven, then grocery shopped and came home and cooked dinner.  After dinner, Toddley and I went out and Christmas shopped.  We ended our night here.

We had our first Starbucks date since we were in NYC.  I miss those!  He was distracted, though, and looking at something as a gift option for one of our kids and reading all about it before he makes the final purchase today.

No matter, though, I sat and sipped my gingerbread latte and he read on his phone and we talked occasionally.  It's funny, but one of the things I've always loved about Todd are his hands.  They're strong and scarred because of his hard work.  And the pullover he has on?  It is TWENTY YEARS OLD, y'all.  He bought it in Freeport, Maine, after we had just gotten married, at the LL Bean store.  It still looks great and would be comparable now to a Patagonia fleece pullover.

I love this main dearly and am so thankful that we get to do life together.  He's my very best friend and he makes me laugh like nobody else.  Just last night, in the couple of hours we had, I cracked up laughing more times than I can count.  I have told my kids and other teenagers, that they need to find a spouse someday that will make them laugh.  It is so important to do that together, because often, life gets too serious.

Well, I need to wrap some more presents.

Love to all!

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