Tuesday, March 14, 2017


It's spring break around here, and yesterday we decided to make the trek to the greater Memphis area and look at some things we've only seen pictures of.  It was a bit of a scavenger hunt that included me finding addresses beforehand and putting them in order from the closest to the farthest, and then actually finding them once we were in the location my Waze app told me told me we had reached.

We found most of them, missing two.  One was in a really sketchy area downtown, and I refused to turn down the street Waze was telling me to turn on.

Along for the ride was Graham (my co-navigator), Drew, Andrew (Drew's friend), Jonah, Noah, and Alex.

All in my sporty little Traverse.

I'm not including ALL the pictures, just my favorites.

This one was around Central Avenue and the Liberty Bowl.

This was right next to it.  I loved this little bridge!  I had to park for five minutes at a brewery, but don't go thinking we went inside.  We did not, I assure you.

I cannot remember exactly where this was, but I thought the building was really cute.  It seems like it was around a street called Autumn.  This was one of the murals we couldn't find.  (All the murals are the I Love Memphis murals and you can Google them for actual addresses.  Or I could share the list of them I made.)

The boys got out and walked around, while Jonah and I sat in the car.

Once we realized how close we were to Adams, we decided to park and look at some historical mansions that were right in a row.

This is an abandoned house.  I have a thing for those, in case you didn't know that.  I think they're oddly beautiful and sad, all at the same time.

This one had a name, but I didn't get a picture.

Right after this, we drove to the back of these houses and parked in an actual parking lot, got out, and walked around.

The sign in front of this house called it a gingerbread house, and it really does look like one.

This is the Woodruff Fontaine mansion.  The gingerbread house was right behind it.

This is a twenty-five room mansion, if that gives you any indication as to how huge it actually is.  I really, really want to go inside.  Andrew is going to try to get us tickets because his sister knows someone who works there.

Another little abandoned house that used to be a tea shop.

There was a set of stairs in the back and on the side that Drew really wanted to climb, but I wouldn't let him.

This was my favorite thing we did yesterday, and even that we've done in a long time.  I love history homes and I love looking at houses, so it combined a couple of my favorite things.

After this, we drove to Overton Square and walked around a bit.

Just a cute little building with an awesome mural painted on the side.

And Graham walking through a tunnel that took us between buildings.

This is a tiny little garden in between some restaurants.  It's so cute!  I want to see it at night.

I made them do this.

It was a really fun day.  Last night for dinner, we met Todd's parents at our favorite little pizza place, CiCi's in Cordova.

I have no idea what we're doing today, but I'm open to whatever they suggest.  We're not going anywhere, so I'll do whatever they want to have some fun together.

Thanks for reading!  Love to all.

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