Monday, March 20, 2017

...and the rest of spring break and our weekend

I know.  It's a weird title, but I never posted a blog entry after last Monday.  We didn't do a whole lot the rest of the week.  On Tuesday, I didn't feel good at all, so I stayed home while the boys did things around town.  I froze to death all day, though, and this was me that night.

On Wednesday, Graham and Drew worked with Todd for the day, so Jonah, Noah, two of their friends and I went to Hinton Park here in town.

It was really pretty out, but it was so cold!  I stayed in the car, except for getting out this one time.

I was walking around the little building that holds the restrooms while trying to find paper towels for Jonah.  (We never found any.)

They all went to church that night, but Todd and I stayed home and ate dinner and watched Big Bang Theory.

That seems to be a theme for us lately, but I really want to get back to church on Wednesday nights.  Hopefully now that I'm finally almost totally well again, that will happen this week.

On Thursday, I ran a few errands, and at two forty five, we met at church and left for Tupelo for Winter Jam.  (It's a concert with a bunch of different Christian musicians.)

I hadn't seen Missy in forever, so we talked the whole way there.  It took us most of the concert to get all caught up.

We were in the top row, where all the introverts sit.  With an open seat between us, because we need our space.

And Drew did this while we were there.

Broke the glass with his head.

He was fine, though.  No scratches or cuts.

We got home a little after one, and it was after two before I fell asleep.

On Friday morning, these guys left for the beach.

They drove themselves in my car (Graham drove) and they stayed with friends we met on the Navajo Reservation when we went last summer.  I am so thankful for dear, lifelong friends.  They came back last night and walked into cheering from their friends at community group.

Friday night, Jonah and I went to my mom's for dinner.  Noah was at a party and Todd was working.  (Jonah was invited, but was tired from the night before and was asleep by ten thirty that night.)

Saturday night, Jonah, Noah, and I were at home alone, and watched basketball and had macaroni for dinner.  I was at church early yesterday morning, and back at three for choir, and then I ended the night at community group.  It was a great, but really low key weekend and spring break.  Today we're getting back into our routines.  The older boys are going to work this afternoon, but other than that, this is our day.

Thanks for reading my blog.  Love to all!


  1. Praying you're feeling better!! We were healthy all winter, but over the weekend my husband was sick and today our oldest son is��

  2. Thank you so much! Oh, I hope the rest of you don't get what he has. Our crazy weather is what did it to us, I think. My middle boy now has what I had for the past two weeks, but hopefully his won't last so long.


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