Tuesday, March 21, 2017

things I'm excited about

Happy Tuesday, my friends!  It is already glorious outside today, and I'm loving the sunshine and warmer temps.  

I love this day, already, because it's Bible study day!  I love Bible study, and I love starting a new one.  Tonight at church, we are starting this study.

I've never done a study by Angela Thomas-Pharr before, so I'm looking forward to trying someone new.  

I haven't gotten my book yet, but I know that she invites us to take forty days to read through the book of Psalm, so I got a head start last night, while Todd was upstairs hanging out with a sick Drew, and while the all the other boys were gone.

I broke out a new spiral notebook for this, and there is something about starting a brand new spiral notebook that I love.  

I am looking forward to getting back into routines, and part of that includes praying weekly with one of my very best friends.  We are meeting today at one to do just that. 
At the risk of sounding totally vain, I am excited about my new hair.  Curly hair has its issues, and one thing about it is that there is not a whole lot you can do with it, at least as far as a style goes.  And lately, I've been so irritated with my hair, the color, and everything.  So yesterday, I went and had it colored back to my natural color, and then she gave me the greatest haircut ever.  

I love it, and it lays so much better, instead of in a triangle, like usual.  

I'm about to show you a picture of myself with no makeup...sorry for that, but I've been trying to get a better picture of it to show my mom.  

And here's the side...

It's a longer version of the inverted bob.  It's a cut that works GREAT for curly hair, particularly mine, because part of the underside of my hair is straight, so this cut makes it all lay just right.  

These things make me really happy today.  Also, I'm on day two of starting back with having quiet time with the Lord right when I wake up.  It's crazy, how fast a routine can diminish when not practiced every single day.  It's been since March 7 that I let all that go when I was not feeling well.  Praise His holy Name that I feel better and more normal than I have in two solid weeks.  And I say that in all seriousness.  

Well, I need to get a move on this day.  As always, thank you for reading my blog!  I pray your day is wonderful.  Love to all.  


  1. Love your hair! I need to get back to early morning quiet time too!! I plan on emailing you tomorrow, sorry it's been in my heart,just haven't done it.

  2. Thank you so much! I am feeling so renewed because I'm back at it every morning. It's amazing, the difference time with the Lord every morning will do!


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