Wednesday, February 15, 2023

what's working for me right now


Happy Wednesday, friends! Here are some more things of what's working for me right now. I hope you enjoy reading this and that you're inspired after. This list is in no particular order.

Getting up early every morning is what's working for me right now. I love to be up at 4:50 a.m. to get dressed and come downstairs by 5:20. That doesn't always happen at that exact time, but when it does happen, it is my favorite thing. I wake up, get dressed, come downstairs to let the dogs out, then I sit down with my coffee and settle in for some blog reading. I love to listen to K-Love while I do this, and I keep it on all day for the dogs, which works well for them. 😉

Having my clothes picked out every night before I go to bed is working for me right now. 

Comfy shoes are working for me right now. 

It's no secret that my favorite brand of shoes at the moment and since September of 2022 is the Hey Dudes brand. The other, less expensive brand is NOT the same. These are only around $55 a pair. I have them in leopard, this greige color above, and blush pink. I wore another brand of shoes to work yesterday and regretted my choice to do so all day long, even though they were very comfortable. (I wore my Sketchers Go Walks instead of my usual Hey Dudes.)

Coming home in the afternoon and keeping going is what's working for me right now. I come home and get busy with dinner prep, straightening up and vacuuming/dusting and laundry. After we eat, I clean up, go up to wash my face and get comfy or shower, then I come back downstairs and either read, do things for my blog on the laptop or watch a show with Todd. I can do those last two simultaneously. Yesterday I came home and took a shower to wash my hair. While I was upstairs, I went ahead and got my outfit ready for today. I was having to find something to wear because it's so warm here today! I'm wearing a dress with a jacket, which I'll share tomorrow. 

What's working for me right now is getting to work early. I like to be walking in at 8:10, because it gives me time to put my things down and get a game plan for the morning. I get everything laid out and take that extra time to get ready for my very fast paced day. This morning I have an early morning meeting for a committee I'm on, and I'm going to try to remember to get there early on tomorrow for our morning devotional time, which is called Reset. 

Here's our classroom! We all sit at these little tables, which is nice to have room to spread out on. Often times during Intervention, we play educational games to reinforce what they're being taught, and we need the extra room. This was me on Monday as I got ready for the day. I love how bright elementary school classrooms are! It's fun seeing all the colorful artwork in our halls.

What's working for me right now is going upstairs at 8:30 to watch a show or read before falling to sleep. I'm exhausted each night when I fall into bed. 

What about you? What's working for you right now? I can't wait to read your answers. Thanks for reading my blog, friends! Love to all!


  1. I agree on all of that except I give myself down time before starting dinner. I have been walking Ernie immediately and then I do a couple little things and sit for at least an hour. I have been sitting on the patio and talking on the phone to my sister or a friend or reading my book. You've got a great routine going but I don't know how you don't rest until 8:30! I have also been going to bed a bit earlier than my normal 9:00 time. I'm so tired lately!

  2. Amy, we eat so early these days, because we're all hungry at five! Most of us are home by then, so I try to have dinner ready. If we ate any later, I'd have time to sit and read for a bit before dinner. I was falling to sleep at 7 Monday night, I was so tired! I haven't been sleeping great, so that's part of my issue. It's making me tired earlier, but as long as I keep busy, I'm good. The minute I sit down to relax, I am done! I don't know where the energy is coming from either, except from the Lord and maybe better eating? I'm still not eating gluten, and I'm really not eating sugar and haven't been since the day after Christmas. I guess you would consider that low sugar- it has to have three grams or under for me to be willing to eat whatever treat it is that I'm considering.

  3. I, too, wake up way earlier than I need to on days that I work. I can't stand to be rushed through the morning. It sets me up for stress if I'm rushed. I'm impressed you can blog while watching TV. Both of those items are things I can only do one at a time. I can't stand to have the TV on as background noise so if I'm watching TV, I'm WATCHING TV and that's it, lol. Plus I only watch TV with Donnie; since it's something we do together, I like to be all in. What works for me is a regular exercise routine. It can be challenging to fit in my day but I feel so much better and oddly, it gives me energy rather than making me feel too sluggish unless I do something crazy like run for 17 miles (which I haven't done in a long time!). Just a bit of cardio goes a long way for me.

  4. I still want to buy some of those shoes! But...that will have to wait :)

    What's working for me right now is taking one day at a time. Spending time with my husband. Staying home more and choosing projects as I feel like doing them, instead of having an agenda that feels like a job.

    What's not working is the weight watchers I was just starting before he lost his job. That pretty much went out the window!

  5. You are rocking this new schedule! I do LOVE to get up early...before everyone else...I feel like that quiet time first thing is exactly what I need and love getting ahead of my day!

  6. Jennifer, you are doing great adjusting with the new schedule! Girl, that is an early morning, but it does help having prep work done with clothes and meals. When I worked full time, having my dinner plans in motion each day helped tremendously and I still like to do that now that I work part-time. I also like to pick out my clothes the night before, even if it's not a work day. I"m glad you found some comfortable shoes. I have learned as we get older, a good pair of shoes is worth the investment. My show inventory isn't very big anymore because I try to concentrate on just a few, comfortable pair. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Even though I don't work any more, I still go out most days. So, I do better if I lay my clothes out the night before. I don't always get that done, but I do it quite often. Hope you have a great day.

  8. Definitely getting up before the rest of the house is a must for me. This year, more than others, I've tried to decide what I'm going to wear the night before which has been helpful. On Monday, I usually wear whatever I wore to church on that's helpful on a Monday morning. haha
    I feel the same way about when I come home...I just keep moving. If I sit down, I don't think I'm very motivated to get back up and get things accomplished. I'm the same way on the weekends. I let myself have quiet time in the morning and then try to do everything I can - workout, errands, etc. in a large chunk of time before coming back home for the rest of the day. Also, if I can run an errand or two after school throughout the week, that helps me have less to do on the weekend.

  9. Maria, I understand how exercising first thing in the morning would be the best. I'm sure I would put it off and put it off and just not do it if I didn't do it that way. I'm surprised I can write/read and watch tv at the same time. I'm usually not a great multi tasker.

  10. Debbie, one day at a time is one of my life mottos. I am praying for you both as you navigate through his job loss. Priorities, right?

  11. Holly, I may have spoken too soon! Today just about did me in...actually, the last two days. I'm not sleeping great at night which is taking a toll! But yes, I need to be up early each day...maybe not quite as early as I've been doing, though...I'm still finding my routines.

  12. Marilyn, I may have jinxed myself. 🤣 I can't imagine not doing prep work the night before! It does help tremendously.

  13. Cathy, I was doing this before I started working full time too. I love being extra prepared!

  14. Jen, I am going to do that one of these days when our weather cooperates! I appreciate that idea. It's a good idea to do errands after school as well! I've been feeling so tired at night lately...I'm ready for bed by eight! I have to get over this hurdle. Hopefully it'll pass as I get more and more used to the working full time thing again!


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