Tuesday, February 6, 2024

behind the scenes blogging


Happy Tuesday, friends! I thought I'd share some behind the scenes blogging things today. I hope you enjoy reading this kind of post! 

In the years since I've been writing on this blog, my style of writing has changed, the content has changed, and how I post has changed. I can remember in the early days getting up and being inspired at some point to write, then writing and publishing the post on that day. I never planned this, it was literally a moment by moment thing. Sometimes I'd post several short posts in one day, especially as the boys were growing up and something happened that I wanted to remember. 

Looking back at old posts, there are some big gaps of time when I didn't write at all, for lack of inspiration, or maybe just growing weary of it all. I always came back, though, after my unplanned breaks from the computer and online life. Don't we sometimes miss those days? The days when we weren't all so "plugged in" all the time? I know I do, but I'm also grateful for this space on the internet. I love the feel of community here, and the encouragement that so many of you give to me. Thank you! 

At this time in life, my posts are always planned out well in advance. I already have most of my blog posts planned through June of this year, if you can believe that! This idea was not original to me, but one I got from Andrea at Momfessionals. It's genius, and I'm so glad that she shared how she goes about blogging with us, because I was inspired. I hope this does the same for some of you today! 

I use a notebook to keep up with all of my blog posts.

I have a cute composition notebook that I got a couple of years ago that I'd never used before and designated it as my blog notebook. I use one page per month, number each weekday (and sometimes a Saturday), and put a box to the left of each number. As I write the posts, I check off the boxes. I start with the scheduled link parties that I always join each month, and make sure that those get a spot on the right date, then I go from there. It's nothing that's difficult or original, but it's just something I'd never done before three years ago. As the months go by, I fold each page in half alternating between folding the top and bottom halves. That way I can always find which page I need, and can get to it quickly. 

I also use this bookmark on a page to keep track of all the books I read each year, since I talk about them on my blog each month. For the times when I don't know what to write, I rely on Pinterest and other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes I'll see something and be inspired from Instagram, other times I'll gain inspiration from my quiet time, a song, or a life event. Sometimes I have one thing scheduled and I'll postpone it until later when something happens that I want to share here. I like to at least have an idea of posts, though, and not just fly by the seat of my pants. I've noticed that when I plan in advance, it's easy for me to be faithful in writing each day. I didn't do great at this last year when I worked full time; I gave it my best, but I had to let something go, and my blogging was a little more sporadic. I like to work on this on the weekends, especially on Sunday afternoons and evenings. I like to get my posts lined up through Wednesday, and then I work on Thursday and Friday posts during the evenings. 

I try to take pictures throughout the week to add new content to each post, but sometimes I'll repeat the pictures during the week. It's funny how taking pictures changes when you start thinking in terms of what you'll post on your blog, but that's what has happened to me. I'll take pictures of food or what we're doing at that moment to save for later to share here on my blog, like I did yesterday afternoon. But more about that one day next week. 

So that's how I go about scheduling my posts in advance each week. How do you blog? I'm so curious to know how you go about this! Thanks for reading my blog, friends. Love to all! 


  1. I really only plan for the week ahead! My routine does help me know what I am doing, but Tuesday and Wednesday are wild cards. I need to do a notebook to keep up with link parties. That is my weakness - remembering the things that don't happen weekly. Considering I squeeze this in with an over 40 hour a week job, though, I think I am doing ok.
    I learned that I am never going to write a good blog post at night. I usually finish my next day's post before reading other ladies' blogs in the morning.
    I am just happy that I still love bloggging and get so much joy from it!

  2. Through June?!! That's amazing. I try to plan out week by week but in my head, not on paper. I need to get a notebook.

  3. I guess I kinda fly by the seat of my pants. lol There are those posts I do regularly and some link parties I do from time to time. It depends on the topics for that particular week. Sometimes, I just have no interest in writing posts and take a bit of a break, but so far, I always come back. I miss it a lot when I don't blog.

  4. Amy you are doing more than okay with your blog, especially considering your schedule! I'm impressed. I remember being like that when I worked full time; I could not write at all in the evenings. I was dead after a very full day!

  5. Pamela, not quite every day through June, but very close. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my free days! Having a notebook helps; I'm just a sucker for a cute one and always have been!

  6. Cathy, for one who doesn't plan on what you post about, you do a great job with keeping up!

  7. Girl, I'm so impressed! Your organization and creativity is inspiring!

  8. Pamela, YES! I hope you join in with us!

  9. Marilyn, thanks! I'd be crazy if I weren't this way!

  10. I have a monthly calendar that I jot things down in for the blog, but nothing as organized as this!!

  11. Tanya, that's funny. I saw Andrea share hers, and I immediately followed her example! Also, I love to write, and lists excite me.


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