Monday, April 8, 2024

Bonus post: Share Our Lives


Happy bonus post day! I'm linking up with several ladies for this month's edition of Share Our Lives: favorite makeup and hair products. 

Makeup (and the skincare that I'm including) is one of my favorite topics to talk about. My love is deep and goes back to my childhood; growing up in a house of girls who are older than me helped shape my love for all things beauty related. I also vividly remember my mom doing makeup on me for talent shows or pageants. I loved being all dolled up from a young age! I know that I wore more makeup in my teen and early adulthood years than I do now. These days my tastes have changed from a made-up look to a more natural look. I never really pay attention to trends with makeup and ways to apply it, I just do what feels right to me on any given day. I do change up my routine pretty often, and I definitely wear more or less depending on the season. 

All that being said, here are some of my favorite things to use right now!

I started off with the brand of coconut oil that you see in the first picture. I use this every night to wash my face. I have really sensitive skin, and I have to be careful what I use on it each day. Even when I travel, I just put some of this into a smaller container for my toiletry bag. I use a little spoon to scoop out a half dollar sized amount into my clean hands, then I let it melt by rubbing them together, and applying it all over my face. It doesn't harm your eyes, and even if you get some in your mouth, it's safe! The kind I use now is in a giant tub from Costco; I finish this container and bring it downstairs to add more from the big jug. After I wash my face (using a washcloth), I use the Thayer's toner, then I moisturize with my favorite moisturizer of all: Cerave. 

For my "foundation" that really isn't foundation at all, I use one drop of the Elf hydrating primer, and a drop or two of this Cerave tinted moisturizer with SPF. It's gives a dewy enough look that it's fresh looking without feeling or looking greasy, if that makes sense. 

I use this rose colored shadow on the base of my eyelids, then I do the top and corner with the pale pink that you see. I "line" the outer corners of my eyes with the darker shade of purple. I realize this may seem like a strange set of colors to use, but it comes out really pretty and glowy looking. 

The blush, powder, and mascara you see are my favorites! I've used them all for ages now and just reordered some on Saturday. My current favorite brand of lipstick is Maybelline in a neutral shade of pink, on top of lined lips. I use the NYX lipliner pencil. 

Moving onto hair products now...

Since I only wash my hair about once a week, I use this spray all the time. I may only wash it once a week, but I get it wet and condition it every other time I take a shower. On the in-between days, I shower with my hair piled high in a bun. Getting it wet either in the shower or with a spray bottle of water and scrunching after I've sprayed it with this Ouidad product refreshes all of the curls. 

This oil tames the fly-aways that I struggle with some days.

And this cream and mousse are what I use after I've washed it; I leave most of the water in my hair, then I run my fingers through it with the cream, and lastly I apply this mousse all over with praying hands (palm to palm) and then squishing it all over. One thing I've learned is that when scrunching curly hair, you need to hear the water squishing around or it's not wet enough. After I've done all that, I towel dry the access water by scrunching the towel around my wet hair. And then I air dry. Sometimes if it dries weird, I'll add a blast of heat in the morning to make it lay flatter on top.

And here's a typical day of what it all looks like when I'm done dressing for the day! What do you use for makeup, hair, or skin that you love that I should know about? I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my bonus post today, friends. Love to all! 


  1. You look so good in that last picture (not that you don´t always look good but you know what I mean, hopefully!). Just out of curiosity, why don´t you wash your hair more if you get it wet sometimes? My hair is going to have to get used to being washed less because I am not showering every day right now :(.

  2. Thanks, Maria! I knew what you meant. 😉 My curly hair is super dry; the more I wash it, the worse it gets. That being said, it's different if I just wet it and condition the ends, because it ALWAYS needs conditioner. It's the shampoo that is very drying for it, and the conditioner also helps me to detangle it when I wet it in the shower. Maybe washing it less while you're recovering will help you be able to wash it less often! They say everyone can train their hair to be washed less.

  3. I'm definitely going to try that cerave tinted sunscreen when my current product runs out! I also like that mascara. It sounds like we have both had a long time interest in makeup and beauty! See you soon!

  4. I'm so glad you posted all of these products! I have tried so many curly hair products and only a few actually leave my hair the way I want it. I hate products that leave my hair crunchy or looking like I have product in it. I'll have to try the ones you recommended.

    Also, have you ever used the coconut oil as a moisturizer? I was doing that for awhile and then wondered if it was ok. What do you think?

  5. Your routine works beautifully for you! I feel like I relate in a lot of ways of just using what feels comfortable at the time.

  6. Tanya, I just ordered some more of that tinted moisturizer, so you're welcome to try mine next weekend to see if you like it before buying! I love it; I also love that it feels lightweight when it's warmer outside. We do share that! I go down major rabbit trails of watching makeup videos. I love them!

  7. Debbie, I totally understand that sentiment of not wanting heavy or crunchy looking hair. I love these products, but what I most love is how cheap they are! The mousse is less than $4. I subscribed to it to save a few pennies! If you try them, I hope you like them! You'll have to let me know your thoughts on them. I think the coconut oil is too oily for me to use it as a moisturizer, but I do like that after using it to wash my face, I have "residue" left on my face, so I just keep rubbing it in. I still need a cream moisturizer, though, because my face is really dry and scaly sometimes.

  8. Thanks, Marilyn! I think it's good that we are like that, rather than doing the next latest/trendy thing. I don't ever want to try to look younger than I am; but I also don't want to date myself with heavy, weighted down makeup. Does that make sense??

  9. My daughter LOVES Cerave products and we need to make sure we go to The States often enough that she can restock at Target!

  10. I definitely wear less make up than I did in my younger years. I loved reading about the products that you use.

  11. Thayers and Cerave are popular in our house! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  12. Natasha, they're really great products, especially since they're so affordable. I used to use Eucerin, then my mom told me about Cerave, and I've been hooked ever since.

  13. Kim, right?? I look back at pictures and cringe! I had such great skin and I didn't need half of what I wore. I guess it was the thing to do, though. Thanks for that, my friend!

  14. Jen, I know you like those too! Thanks for hosting! I loved reading about this topic.


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