Monday, April 8, 2024

Hello Monday


Happy Monday, friends! I'm linking up with Holly and Sarah for today's post. I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was good, but it started slowly. We had to run up to the church on Friday to do something in the bookstore; we came home after that and were in for the rest of the night. We both had leftovers for dinner, and then we watched our show together. I was so sleepy and kept dozing off, though, so nine o'clock couldn't come fast enough. After reading in a hard passage in the Bible on Friday, I was so glad to read the book of Ruth on Saturday! This is one of my favorite Old Testament books in the Bible, and I love this page of artwork at the beginning. 

I met my mom, and we headed to the nearby Germantown. We went to this cute little shopping area, stopped in a favorite boutique to window shop, then we had lunch at a place called Moondance Grille, which is one of our favorite places to eat lunch.

It's a beautiful store called Bella Vita, but they are super proud of everything inside. Oddly enough, their tea towels are really cute and reasonably priced; I usually get mine from there, but I didn't buy one Saturday. 

I made her take a picture! I loved Mom's outfit that day; she always looks beautiful, though. 

We ordered these pretzel rolls and we each got the wedge salad. They're really good here, and they have the best bleu cheese dressing! We weren't out long and just did a few things before heading back to our respective homes. I came home for an early afternoon shower, but got dressed again when Todd mentioned eating out. We did that, and then we ended up at Cheers, where I got a lesson in bourbon. 🤣

I always appreciate uniform shelves of things, whether books or bottles. 

After we were back at home, we watched the basketball games together, and I finished my book. I was in bed early again, because I have to be at church by about 7:30 on Sundays. There's a sweet friend of mine who comes in early each week to talk, and I snuck a picture of her talking with a friend. 

I adore Mrs. Beverly! She's one of my favorite people ever, and so full of wisdom. Todd went back to church yesterday! I think he was glad to be back. We came home afterward, then I went to dinner with my friend Marilyn to talk about our upcoming trip this weekend. I can't believe it's this weekend! We needed to nail down plans and times for Friday morning. That was a great way to end the weekend, too. 

What did you do this weekend? I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for reading my blog today, friends. Love to all! 


  1. What a lovely weekend- love the pic of you and your mom- such special time!

  2. Thanks, Holly! It was a great weekend. I hope yours was too!

  3. I love the blue paint color in your family room- I´ve seen it before it really popped in the picture you posted today, the one with two of your sons in it. That shop looks like a store that I would like to shop at. I hope your Monday is going well. Are you guys experiencing the eclipse? We are going to head outside soon :).

  4. Pretzel rolls look & sound delicious!

  5. Thank you, Maria! I still love this color, even over a decade later. Sometimes I think we need to update, but I would miss blue walls if we did that. It could all definitely use a refresh, though, that's for sure. We saw it at 98%, which was pretty good! We got to see it in totality in 2017; I didn't want to travel to see it again, though. It was so cool!

  6. Bri, they were amazing! Bread is one of my love languages. 🤣


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