Monday, July 1, 2024

TobyMac - Faithfully (Lyric Video)

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great weekend; I know mine was much, much needed and restorative. Thank you for checking on me recently! A few of you have reached out by text, and I greatly appreciate that and your friendship. I may come back this week to share about my recent trip, but I'm on the fence about what each day will feel like. Even if I don't always feel like writing these days, I've also missed writing here lately. That being said, keep coming back each day to check, because who knows if I'll post or not. 

I thought I'd share a favorite song that I currently have on repeat. (Speaking of Currently, I'll be here Wednesday July third for this month's Currently link party. I hope you join us)

This is Faithfully, by TobyMac. Are you familiar with his story? He and his wife have four kids; in October of 2019, his son Truett died very tragically and unexpectedly, when he was only 21. After his death, his album Life After Death was released in 2022, and this song is from that album. You can click here to read more, but he has been a blessing to me all of my life, in regard to his music. He used to sing in DC Talk, a band that I grew up listening to. I thought he was my age, but he's eight years older than me; our kids are the same age, though, which is why it hit close to home when his son Truett died. Once again, his music is what I have on repeat right now, with songs like this, Help is on the Way (Maybe Midnight), Promised Land, Rest, Nothin' Sweeter, etc. If you're looking for some great music in your life, you should check him out. I'll leave you with this video of the song, Faithfully. 

Thanks for reading my blog today, friends. Love to all.

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  1. I think I had heard that story, but had forgotten. So tragic. I hope you are doing ok! You are in my thoughts!

  2. I´m glad that you had a restorative weekend. I have been thinking of you and praying for you! Our pastor on Sunday told the story of the man who wrote the hymn, ¨It is Well With My Soul.¨ He wrote it after losing three of his daughters in a drowning accident (this was years ago- the ship they were on sunk). I had heard that story before; each time I hear it, I am reminded of God´s faithfulness even in unimaginable tragedy.

  3. Oh, I am going to listen to that song! I'm not sure that I remember hearing this story about him.

  4. So glad you got a restful getaway! I have not heard this song but I will definitely check it out- welcome back! :)

  5. So glad you had a restful weekend. I think there are seasons and you can pop in and out on your blog when it feels right. I love Toby Mac too. And I so admire people who can lean in to their faith during life's most difficult moments. Take care xo

  6. So glad you had a restful and restorative weekend. I think that is the beauty of blogging-- that ability to step back and take a break when life feels overwhelming or we just plain old don't feel like writing and sharing for a time. It's always there waiting for us when we're ready to return!

  7. I'm glad you got lots of rest over the weekend. We will all definitely keep stopping by the blog for when you return! I agree with what Joanne said above.


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